Saturday, November 10, 2007

WTC7 - Controlled Demolition!

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WTC7 fell in around six and a half seconds into its footprint. 42 stories tall, that is just about exactly the amount of time it would take a dropped object from the top of the building to hit the ground.

Like Silverstein said - it was brought down by controlled demolition. He admitted it for crying out loud. The only thing is that most of the public don't know enough about controlled demolition to realize that it would take MONTHS (not days, not weeks) to properly prepare for such a successful controlled demolition. That, and as you say, it was not hit by a plane. No dispute exists on that question.

Another problem is that there are no extant orders on record for the fire department to do that work. Which either means they did it in secret - for months - or someone else did the work.

This is not to advance any theory of who did what or why - only to say that 1) we have not heard the full proper story of what happened, ever, and 2) no technical investigation of any of the demolition was ever performed. Period.

It is very counter intuitive of the public to just accept the MSM account of things without question. We should demand an INDEPENDENT technical investigation.

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