Thursday, December 4, 2008

Why Dennis Leary Sucks...

Dennis Leary, famous for his biting, sarcastic comedy and his religious chain smoking, revealed to a fan at a Los Angeles book signing that his critically acclaimed FX show "Rescue Me" about NYC firefighters will tackle 9/11 conspiracy theories in the coming season.

"When asked by a hesitant fan as to whether or not the actor thought there should be a reinvestigation into the events leading up to and surrounding the 9/11 tragedy, Leary's eyes lit up as he revealed that conspiracy and reinvestigation into 9/11 are, in fact, major plot lines in the first 10 episodes of Rescue Me season 5, set to premiere in April 2009 for a 22-episode run on FX," Erin Broadley reported for LA Weekly.

Broadley continues, "But when another fan pushed it too far and asked Leary's personal opinion about the conspiracy surrounding Building 7's collapse, the actor and author was quick with his response. 'You guys don't want to get into that with me,' Leary said, suddenly serious as he explained that he 'knew several of the guys who had been there working to hold that building up.' Leary then paused, politely changed the subject and returned to meeting fans."

Writing for conspiracy site Prison Planet, Paul Joseph Watson complains, "The L.A. Weekly failed to report what happened at the end of the conversation. After the question about Building 7, security thugs stepped in, blocked the camera and proceeded to kick the protagonists out of the bookstore. There was no hostility or impoliteness on the part of the 9/11 truthers, but apparently Leary’s security thinks it necessary to physically eject anyone who expresses an opinion different to his.


Monday, November 24, 2008


A source connected to the previously unreleased footage of the collapse of WTC1 and WTC7 which suddenly appeared on internet video-sharing site last weekend has revealed details about the footage to The Corbett Report.

According to the source, the videos available on the internet come from a DVD that was compiled from raw footage taken in New York on September 11. The video on the internet has not been edited or manipulated in any way from the footage on the DVD, although the 'replay' of each collapse has been slowed down by 50 percent. The source indicated, however, that the raw footage had been edited before it was put on the DVD, thus explaining the sudden cut from a close-up of the North Tower to a long shot of the entire building with the collapse already underway. Con't...

Friday, November 7, 2008

The Smoking Gun is a Smoking Window...

Note the windows in the video below being systematically blown out, with perfect timing, in a perfect vertical pattern. Perfect CONTROLLED DEMOLITION!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Terrorist Apparently Losing Their "Touch"

In one of the largest terrorist attacks in Pakistan, a huge truck bomb exploded Saturday outside the Marriott Hotel in Islamabad, killing at least 53 people. Experts said Taliban and al-Qaida militants most likely masterminded the attack.The building — one of the few places outside the diplomatic district where U.S. diplomats were permitted to socialize — was still smoldering 24 hours after blast, and to the amazement of everyone at NIST and on the 9/11 Commission, refused to collapse!

Friday, August 22, 2008

And The Hits Just Keep On Comin'! - Another Plane Hits Structure That Refuses to Collapse

LAS VEGAS (Aug. 22) - An experimental aircraft crashed into a house and exploded shortly after takeoff Friday, killing the pilot and two people inside the home, authorities said.
Firefighters quickly doused an intense fire in the single-family stucco home in a working-class neighborhood southeast of a main runway at the airport. No other homes appeared damaged.
The plane appeared to have crashed through the roof over the living room.
A deputy fire chief, Kevin Brame, said authorities believe three people lived in the home, but one was not home at the time of the crash.
Neighbor Letizia Gonzalez, 17, said she awoke to a sound "like a bomb."
"We came outside and we saw flames coming out of the house. We went to look and it started exploding even more," she said. "They were nice people. "

Don't tell NIST.

NIST - Just Makin' Shit Up...

Says Dr. Shyam Sunder, who directed NIST's team of researchers in the investigation: "Fire triggered a "new phenomenon" -- thermal expansion of structural steel, which caused a cascade of collapsing floors, ultimately bringing the building down symmetrically, into its own footprint."

"This is the first time that we're aware of, that a building over 15 stories tall has collapsed primarily due to fire," said Dr. Sunder during Thursday's NIST press conference. Had the city's water mane not been cut, and WTC 7's sprinkler systems been active, the building may still stand, he said.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Yet Another Plane Hits House, House Refuses to Implod Event!

A small plane flying through heavy fog clipped a tree and then slammed into a house in Gearhart, Ore., Monday. Authorities said two people aboard the plane and two children in the seaside vacation home were killed. Here, a deputy fire marshal stands outside what is left of the home.

GEARHART, Ore. (Aug. 4) - A small plane crashed into a seaside house in heavy fog early Monday, killing two people aboard and two children in the vacation home it struck, authorities said. The impact shook homes a half-mile away in this resort town. Rebecca Herren, who lives about a block and a half from the crash, said she was in bed when an explosion rocked her home before 7 a.m."I heard the plane above and thought, 'Gosh, it's awfully low and awfully early,'" she said. She then heard two smaller explosions. (controlled demolition?)

NOW, can we have a complete, independent investigation of the events of 9/11/01??

Friday, July 4, 2008

THis JUST IN: 9/11 3rd tower mystery 'solved'!

Building 7 is the smoking gun in BBC's "The Third Tower"

The 47-storey third tower, known as Tower Seven, collapsed seven hours after the twin towers.

Investigators are expected to say ordinary fires on several different floors caused the collapse.

Conspiracy theorists have argued that the third tower was brought down in a controlled demolition.

Unlike the twin towers, Tower Seven was not hit by a plane.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology, based near Washington DC, is expected to conclude in its long-awaited report this month that ordinary fires caused the building to collapse.

That would make it the first and only steel skyscraper in the world to collapse because of fire.

Monday, June 30, 2008

WTC 7 - Leaked NIST Docs: "Unusual" Event Before Collapse

Leaked confidential NIST documents concerning the investigation into the collapse of WTC 7, the 47-storey skyscraper that was not hit by a plane but imploded in under seven seconds on 9/11, reveal that an "unusual" event preceded the collapse of the building - a "jet of flames" that shot out of several windows after most of the fire had already died down.

The documents - entitled Confidential and Predecisonal Document NIST Report on Building 7 - form the preamble for a long-awaited final verdict on what caused a structurally reinforced building to fall like a controlled demolition despite suffering relatively minimal fire damage.

Chapter 1: WTC 7 Visual Evidence, Damage Estimates, and Timeline Analysis (William Pitts) is a thorough analysis of window fires by video and picture evidence, which concludes that all major fires before floors 7 and 13 died out prior to collapse.

The report states, "At 4:38 p.m. all of the windows between 13-44A and 13-47C were open, and the fires responsible for opening the windows had died down to the point where they could no longer be observed."

"Just prior to the collapse of the building at 5:20:52 p.m. a jet of flames was pushed from windows in the same area. The event that caused this unusual behavior has not been identified."

What could have caused this "jet of flames" to shoot out of windows immediately prior to the collapse of the building? The decompression force of a series of explosives or an incendiary device?

The leaked documents precede a BBC hit piece documentary which airs on July 6th and is set to claim that WTC 7 was the first steel-framed building in history to suffer a complete collapse from fire damage alone - a scientific impossibility.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

COVER UP - Must Read Department!

Ever since 9/11, investigative reporter Peter Lance has been leading the fight to expose the intelligence gaps that led to 9/11. Now, in the follow-up to his bestselling 1000 Years for Revenge, he returns with devastating new evidence that the government has been covering up its own counterterror failures since the mid-1990s -- and continues today.

In Cover Up, Lance shows how the government chose again and again to sacrifice America's national security for personal motives and political convenience. In its first half, he unveils shattering new evidence that terror mastermind Ramzi Yousef ordered the bombing of TWA 800 from his prison cell in order to effect a mistrial in his own terror bombing case. Astonishingly, the FBI was alerted to Yousef's plans in advance by a prison informant who even passed along his detailed sketch of a bomb-trigger device -- a document seen here for the first time. And Lance reveals the shocking reason the Justice Department suddenly ruled the crash an accident despite overwhelming evidence of the bombing -- throwing away its best chance to penetrate the cell that was already planning 9/11.

And the outrage doesn't stop there. In Part II, Lance offers an unofficial "minority report" on the 9/11 Commission, critiquing it as the incomplete, highly politicized "Warren Commission of our time." He explores potential conflicts of interest among its members, from the staff director who wrote a book with Condoleezza Rice, to the former Clinton deputy attorney general who participated in a critical meeting that upended the TWA probe. He exposes the report's false contention that the 9/11 plan was conceived in 1996, when the FBI had knowledge that the plot was in motion as early as 1994. And, in a heart-stopping, minute-by-minute chronicle of the attacks, he asks dozens of unanswered questions about the defense failures of that day -- from why fighter jets weren't scrambled for almost an hour after the hijackings, to why the president and several of his top military advisers remained virtually incommunicado for more than half an hour after it was clear that America was under attack.

At a time when America feels no safer than ever, Cover Up will lend new eyes to readers who want the full story behind the 9/11 attacks -- and inspire us all to keep demanding the truth.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Global Warming and Increased Health Care Costs!

That pesky obesity thing. First it forced Disneyland to increase the sizes of its theme-park costumes, and hospitals to buy larger hoists and beds. Now, in a letter published Friday in the medical journal Lancet, two scientists write that obese people are disproportionately responsible for high food prices and greenhouse gas emissions because they consume 18% more food energy due to their greater body mass -- and require increased quantities of fuel to transport themselves and the food they eat. "Promotion of a normal distribution of BMI would reduce the global demand for, and thus the price of, food," write the authors, Phil Edwards and Ian Roberts of the evocatively named London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.

We don't imagine Edwards and Roberts wrote their letter to be mean -- their point seems to be that it would be good for various reasons if urban policies worked to promote biking and walking -- and we haven't yet heard of mobs with torches roving the streets in search of those with BMIs of 30 or above. Nonetheless, Yale University has been quick with a news release urging "caution on obesity and climate change link."

Declares Kelly Brownell, director of the university's Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity, "Saying that obese people are contributing to climate change is highly stigmatizing and assigns blame to the individuals who are obese rather than the conditions driving the obesity in the first place." Things, he says, like junk food marketing aimed at children, the demise of P.E. programs, behemoth portions offered up in restaurants, more.

I guess, too, we could always point a finger at those lean people we all know who have such high, wasteful metabolisms they can eat what they want, lift not a finger yet stay skinny as a rake. And how can I defend a friend of mine who consumes thousands of calories so he can get on his bicycle and go for 100-mile rides -- only to end up at the very same place he started from, only hungrier? (And by the way, he drives a car -- five miles -- to work.)

--R. Mestel

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Fahrenheit 9/11 - Part II

Michael Moore is making a sequel to "Fahrenheit 9/11" for Paramount Vantage and Overture Films, who will shop the project to international buyers when the Cannes Film Festival and market get under way today.

Sequel will pick up where "Fahrenheit" left off. In the time since, President Bush's popularity has plummeted, while the Iraq war continues and the economy falters.

All in all, Moore has made three of the top five grossing documentaries of all time. "Fahrenheit" is the highest grossing docu ever domestically, earning $119.1 million. It grossed another $100 million at the international box office.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Jet Plane Hits Building - The Building Mysteriously Does NOT Collapse!!!

LONDON, England (March 30) - A small plane crashed into several homes in a neighborhood outside London Sunday afternoon, killing all five on board, Scotland Yard reported.
Firefighters put out a blaze at the scene where a Cessna Citation Jet crashed into a house near London Sunday. The aircraft reported difficulty shortly after leaving a nearby airport, and the plane crashed after the pilot radioed in that he was turning back. Five people on board, including three passengers, were killed.

Someone call NIST!
Plane Crashes into California Homes that Refuse to Burn!
COMPTON, Calif.- April 13
Neighbor Kenneth Wyatt said he had been watching TV when he heard an enormous thud that "shook my house." Federal officials are investigating the crash.
Running outside, he first noticed debris and smoke. Then he saw what had happened.

"An airplane had come through the roof of my neighbor's home," Wyatt, 48, said.

Five people were injured when a twin-engine Cessna 310 crashed into two homes just before 4 p.m. Saturday near the Compton/Woodley Airport, said Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Ian Gregor.

The plane was carrying two men and both were transported to hospitals in critical condition, Gregor said.

In one house, a woman was critically injured and a man suffered less serious injuries, according to Gregor. In the other home a woman complained of chest pains.

The crash did not result in a fire, according to Downey fire Capt. Lonnie Kroom. Television images showed the plane's fuselage had crashed through one roof and its left wing was lodged in a second home.

Federal investigators are investigating the crash.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

The New "U.S.S. Evidence"

Thousands of people have gathered in Louisiana for the christening of a US warship built partly from steel salvaged from the World Trade Center.

The twin towers in New York were destroyed in the hijacked planes attack of 11 September 2001. Just in case you forgot.

Friends and families of 9/11 victims were among those at the ceremony for the new amphibious assault ship, the USS Evidence errr New York, in the base of Avondale.

The bow contains 7.5 tonnes of steel taken from Ground Zero.

It also bore a shield with two bars to symbolise the towers and a banner with the slogan: Never Forget. Never Investigate.

Hurricane Katrina (A Two-fer!)

The wife of Deputy Defence Secretary Gordon England broke the champagne with the traditional salute of "May God bless this ship and all who sail on her, and hope it don't catch fire and melt!"

Mr. England said the name of the ship would be a source of strength and inspiration to the crew.

In the US Navy, state names are normally reserved for submarines, but former New York Governor George Pataki had asked for the ship to carry the name.

During construction the ship also had to survive the onslaught of Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

The USS New York will be commissioned into service next year.

Lee Ielpi, president of the September 11th Families' Association, told Associated Press: "We're sending a message that we're standing strong. This ship, as it cuts through the water, is going to send a ripple. That ripple will say, 'We cherish our freedoms, or what's left of them."

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Guilty Conscienceless?

World Trade Center developer (and criminal co-conspirator) Larry Silverstein pauses to look out a window down to 'Ground Zero' from the 52nd floor of the new 7 World Trade Center tower in New York May 8, 2006 during a tour and interview with Reuters. (Mike Segar/Reuters)

Professional Demolition of World Trade Center Building 7

Larry Silverstein, the owner of the WTC complex, admitted on a September 2002 PBS documentary, 'America Rebuilds' that he and the NYFD decided to 'pull' WTC 7 on the day of the attack. The word 'pull' is industry jargon for taking a building down with explosives.

Larry Silverstein has never issued a retraction for his comments.

Photos taken moments before the collapse of WTC 7 show small office fires on just two floors.

Firefighters were told to move away from the building moments before it collapsed.

In February of 2002 Silverstein Properties won $861 million from Industrial Risk Insurers to rebuild on the site of WTC 7. Silverstein Properties' estimated investment in WTC 7 was $386 million. So: This building's collapse resulted in a profit of about $500 million!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Meat the Real Terrorists!

Growing meat (it’s hard to use the word “raising” when applied to animals in factory farms) uses so many resources that it’s a challenge to enumerate them all. But consider: an estimated 30 percent of the earth’s ice-free land is directly or indirectly involved in livestock production, according to the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization, which also estimates that livestock production generates nearly a fifth of the world’s greenhouse gases — more than transportation.

To put the energy-using demand of meat production into easy-to-understand terms, Gidon Eshel, a geophysicist at the Bard Center, and Pamela A. Martin, an assistant professor of geophysics at the University of Chicago, calculated that if Americans were to reduce meat consumption by just 20 percent it would be as if we all switched from a standard sedan — a Camry, say — to the ultra-efficient Prius. Similarly, a study last year by the National Institute of Livestock and Grassland Science in Japan estimated that 2.2 pounds of beef is responsible for the equivalent amount of carbon dioxide emitted by the average European car every 155 miles, and burns enough energy to light a 100-watt bulb for nearly 20 days.

The rest of the story...

Monday, January 21, 2008

9/11 Stress Increased Risk of Heart Problems

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Stress brought on by the September 11 attacks in New York and Washington in 2001 led to heart problems for some Americans, even if they had no personal connection to the events, a study found.

In the first study to demonstrate the impact of the attacks on cardiac health, researchers in California said acute stress responses were linked to a 53 percent increased incidence in strokes, high blood pressure and other cardiac ailments.

"Our study is the first to show that even among people who had no personal connection to the victims, those who reported high levels of post-traumatic stress symptoms in the days following the 9/11 attacks were more than twice as likely to report being diagnosed by their doctors with cardiovascular ailments like high blood pressure, heart problems and stroke up to three years later," said Alison Holman, a professor in nursing science and lead researcher for the study.

The study, carried out by Holman and researchers at the University of California, Irvine, is published in the January edition of Archives of General Psychiatry.

The study involved a random sample of almost 2,000 adults from across the country whose health status had been recorded before September 11, 2001.

The majority had watched the attacks on New York City's World Trade Center and the Pentagon in Washington on live television but had no direct exposure to them.

They were interviewed immediately after September 11 and in follow-up surveys until late 2004. Risk factors such as cholesterol levels, diabetes, smoking and weight were taken into account along with stressful events like divorce.hose taking part answered questions about their concerns, such as, "I worry that an act of terrorism will personally affect me or someone in my family."

People reporting such concerns were three to four times more likely to report a doctor-diagnosed heart problem two to three years after the attacks.

Holman said she was initially so surprised at the results that she re-ran the analysis different ways to confirm them before submitting the study for publication.

Holman said she was not in the United States when hijacked airplanes rammed into the Pentagon and the two World Trade Center Towers but she knew immediately she had to study the effects of the attacks on stress and health.

"It was the most major national collective trauma that the United States had had in decades and (I knew) it would represent very important questions for public policy makers and researchers about how the populace handles such stress," Holman said.

Can you say "class action lawsuit?"