Thursday, August 30, 2007

7WTC - Capisci?


H Nicole said...

Forgot to add this to the Silverstein newsflash:

When asked if similar demolition devices had been pre-built into the WTC towers as those that had be pre-built into WTC7, Silverstein responded, "No, WTC7 was about as high as you can go with these types of demolition devices, even to this day. In fact, WTC7 is the highest building ever to be brought down by controlled demolition, and I am proud of how well the technology worked."

Silverstein then added, "Just from the height of them, the trade towers have a much different plan for demolition, one that entails three seperate stages involving taking out the top, middle, and bottom portions of the towers, respectively. Each section is handled very differently. No, the towers definitely collapsed just as the NIST report says they did. No controlled demolition here."

In minimal defense of Silverstein and in keeping with my notion that as few people as possible were directly involved, there is always the chance Silverstein was truly clueless about a lot of what happened on 9/11, and his subsequent "guilt by association" and "guilt by remaining quiet" is undermining what might otherwise be a potentially powerful whistleblower on this thing, as was planned from the start -- take the whistle out of the whistleblowers before they even know what hit them, and you've got the makings of a wonderful cover-up!

The cover-up doesn't have to work forever -- just long enough to turn the country into a police state.

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Anonymous said...

Yo querro Taco Bell!

H Nicole said...

Is that an add to print out a bunch of "IMPEACH BUSH" T-shirts? How do you say that in Spanish?

One great T-shirt idea is an IMPEACH BUSH T-shirt in all the languages of the world! Let me know if anybody sees something like that.

BTW, that Taco Bell joke wasn't funny even when I heard it when I was 10 -- about 30 years ago. I am thinking Shoes should continue to allow anon submissions for political views and maybe just ban the stale jokes instead.

moneysmith said...

Good idea, h nic -- ban the stale jokes AND the stale Clinton rumors. But then some posters here wouldn't have anything left to write about.

Lee said...

And if you weren't bashing Bush and his administration, just what the hell would you be writing about?

Clinton RUMORS??

moneysmith said...

Ummm, apparently you haven't noticed, lee, but we're writing about the holes in the 9/11 story quite a bit here. The bush bashing is just the frosting on the cake!

H Nicole said...

Overwhelming evidence, along with motive that is not to be ignored, indicates Bush murdered innocent US citizens on 9/11/01. He should therefore be impeached ASAP, if for any other reason than to prevent him doing it again. If he did not murder his own on 9/11, I do not believe he should be impeached.

So apparently there are people out there who still think Bush did not murder innocent US citizens on 9/11. I can see where these people consider calls for impeachment as Bush bashing. Then again, I can also see how Hitler got as far as he did.

Shirley Heezgay said...

The side by side collapses were very eerie and a little chilling.

Even though this clip brings up the BBC story about WTC7, at least it tries to provide a reason why they might have reported in error.

These are the types of holes that need to be filled.

Again, regardless of where one stands on the 9/11 issues, wouldn't one expect to see the report on WTC7 before building a new one? Doesn't that seem like a disgrace?

Fire? Right.

H Nicole said...

Assuming the country is not in a police state by then, let's say the government comes out in December and says WTC7 was brought down by controlled demolition. Let's say they use the same story I've previously outlined, saying that most modern tall buildings under a certain height were constructed with built-in demolition devices already in place -- and the only reason we don't know about it is because WTC7 was one of the first to be prematurely demolished in this way.

Then what? Did the government ever officially lie somewhere and say WTC7 was not controlled demolition? Even if they did, are they going to be able to get out from under it and say they lied for "national security reasons?"

Nobody was killed when WTC7 came down and the building was deemed a total loss before it came down, so what would be the crime here -- lying for the millionth time for "national security" reasons?

Would this really lead people to question the dustification of the towers, which is what the regime is really trying to hide since, as opposed to simple "controlled demolition" of WTC7, there is no question who pulled the trigger and murdered thousands of innocent US citizens it in the case of dustification?

Just curious. I think the WTC7 story might lead people to question the destruction of the towers, but then again it may just have the opposite effect on the entire Truth Movement and completely tire people out of the whole thing.

Since time is of the essence here and since plenty of evidence already exists, I say we go right for the jugular on dustification now, at the same time as controlled demolition of WTC7 and at the same time as questioning the entire hijacked plane story -- or at the very least we should be wary that WTC7 may be a purposely planted distraction to buy yet more time to allow for much bigger plans to take effect.

H Nicole said...

Clarification on impeachment: I have stated here that I do not believe GWB should be impeached if he were not responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent US citizens on 9/11/01. This may be an overstatement and a mistake on my part, as there seems to be plenty of evidence of crimes against humanity and crimes against the constitution by this administration even w/o 9/11.

However, the point I was trying to make is that it really takes two for a lie to work, and I think both are equally guilty: the one who delivers the whopper and the one who believes the whopper because it is what they want to hear in the first place.

For crimes on 9/11, the guilty parties are relatively straightforward (once people discover dustification, that is) and may even be limited to just a handful of thugs lead by Bush and Cheney.

For all this other stuff involving the war and the after math of 9/11, I'm thinking many members of Congress are just as guilty, if not moreso, of crimes against humanity and against the constitution. These poeple should be identified, impeached, and held accountable for war crimes as well, if true justice is what we are after here. Just look at how many Congresspeople are still supporting the war despite the flood of evidence of its criminal, money-making intent from the outset.

Anyway, bottom line is that things could get pretty messy if we try to impeach Bush/Cheney on anything but 9/11 issues. Then again, I am beginning to think I don't care how impeachment proceedings are begun just as long as they are begun ASAP!

Lee said...

MS- How could one not notice your obsession with the so-called "holes" in 9/11?

Keep repeating it over and over and you're bound to believe it.

moneysmith said...

h nic, I agree that Bush and Cheney should both be impeached asap. But I'm not so sure Congress is going to do anything, especially if they bomb Iran. From what I've read, then things are going to get very ugly very fast.

H Nicole said...

Well, I hope the point that we (and seemingly the entire Blogosphere for that matter) get across to Congress is that it may serve them well to be more afraid of us (US citizens) than they are of BushCo, and I am not talking "voting them out of office at the next election" either, because that's probably not the level of veiled threats BushCo is using at this point.

We're talking words like treason, traitor, war crimes, and hangings here.