Monday, September 24, 2007

2000 Florida Recount - The Movie!

Kevin Spacey, Laura Dern, Denis Leary, John Hurt, Tom Wilkinson and Ed Begley Jr. have been set by HBO Films to star in “Recount,” the drama about the controversial Florida results in the 2000 presidential election.
“Recount,” which will begin shooting shortly next month in Florida, will air during the heat of the presidential campaign in 2008 (the one that Gore will win, again.)


LifeBeginsAt200MPH said...

Oughta' win Comedy of The Year. I'm sure it'll be fair and balanced. much of a history nut as I am...

I still don't find a President Gore in any of my reference materials.

H Nicole said...

"We refuse to choose between Islamic fundamentalism and American imperialism."

Sign held outside the visit today by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at Columbia University...

Apparently, Ahmadinejad is a 9/1l Truther but unfortunately, he is a "Holocaust Truther" as well.

Not sure what the heck this is all about, but I've visited a few other boards recently where 9/11 Truth seems to be intimately tied to "Holocaust Truth," and I don't think this bodes very well for either.

LifeBeginsAt200MPH said...

Ahmadinejad is an asshole. Somebody would be doing the world a favor by taking that little sob out. He's nothing but a mini hitler, idi amin, pol pot, rat bastard.

Next time I'll tell ya' how I really feel about him...>;}

Shoes4Industry said...

Bush is a bigger asshole. Somebody would be doing the world a favor by taking that little sob out. He's nothing but a mini hitler, idi amin, pol pot, rat bastard, dipshit.

H Nicole said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LifeBeginsAt200MPH said...

Bush is a bigger ass hole than Ahmadinejad? Gawd Almighty, I'm really starting to worry about your mental stability S4I. If you're just goading me, that's one thing, but if you BELIEVE that...whewww...

Shoes4Industry said...

There's probaby not a dime's worth of difference between them.

Both are puppets of their "handlers".
Bush as done more damage to this country and to mankind has a whole that Ahmadinehjad could ever hope to.

LifeBeginsAt200MPH said...


H Nicole said...

I love that picture on this post, BTW. I hope it will be a comedy. Don't know how they can approach it any other way.

Did you notice that apparently "no gays exist" in Iran? That certainly explains a lot right there. Wouldn't surprise me if half the conservatives in this country get up and "move to safety" in Iran after Ahmadinejad's speech today.

Shoes4Industry said...

Actually, we would suggest that Bush is far worst than Saddam Hussein ever was. Think about it, when you really count the bodies, the destruction, the displaced people, the maimed and traumatized, the ruined countries (both Iraq and the US) the waste, fraud and abuse of power, Bush makes S.H. look like a light-weight despot want-a-be.

This is not to say Hussein wasn't bad, evil, whatever, but in comparison, Bush has done much more damage to Iraq and the United States. Period.

LifeBeginsAt200MPH said...


"Bush is far worst than Saddam Hussein ever was." It's worse, not worst.

And that is a truly delusional train of thought.

Where are the mass graves? Where are the victims of the chemical warfare? Where are the palaces that cost billions of dollars? Where are the people collecting "cow pies" for fuel for their cooking fires?

Controversial statements are one thing, and heated discussion is another, but plain downright goofy is, well, just goofy and destroys any credibility.

Shoes4Industry said...

So you would argue that the Iraqi people are NOT "worse" off now than they were (however bad it was) under Saddam Hussein? That the thousands upon thousands of American service men and women, who have been used to carry out this fiasco, and have been killed, maimed or otherwise impaired for life, are not worse off?

Now, THAT'S delusional.

We would suggest you watch something other that Fox News for a change.

LifeBeginsAt200MPH said...

Where are the mass graves? Where are the victims of the chemical warfare? Where are the palaces that cost billions of dollars? Where are the people collecting "cow pies" for fuel for their cooking fires?

uhhh...I believe they were in Iraq when Saddam was in power. Haven't seen or heard of any such things here in the USA.

Lee said...

Don't think that most Americans are enthralled with Mahmoud Anmadinenutcase as you are.

CNN (note:not Fox) poll: What did you think of Lee Bollinger's blunt introduction of Iran's Prs. MA?

Good for him 65% (39728)

Out of line 35% (21310)

Maybe people in this country are starting to wake up. Headline in NY Daily News: Evil Has Landed.

If you think he so great Shoes, why don't you go back with him. Oh wait, maybe you're really from somewere "over there" trying to pass youself off as an American. If so, you're failing miserably.

Lee said...

Used to be funny but now it's downright sad that the losers are STILL CRYING over their defeat.

And it is truly sad that because MoveOn and George Soros didn't get the results (they thought) they had in the bag, the lefties are tearing this country apart and are responsible for dividing this country.

I truly believe that because Bush not only won once but TWICE, the lefties went over the deep end. Their hated of this president is so deep and profound that they will do or say ANYTHING to win the 2008 election.

Listen to yourselves. You keep beating the same drum over and over. Even Ozone Al "jokes" about that election whenever he can. But of course, he then says he is over it and has moved on. Sure you have, Al.

So now there will be a movie made EIGHT YEARS LATER about the recount that will be shown during the heat of the election. Not so sure they can win the election with the candidate, the lefties will stoop to yet another level.

LB, have any suggestions for a title for this movie? How about, "But Mommy, Mommy It's Not Fair"? Or maybe, just plain old, "Lost in Space"?

LifeBeginsAt200MPH said...

LOL! Several titles come to mind off the top of my head...

Inconvenient Truth..How Algore Invented GW to Flood Florida.

Oh Tennessee My Home State..Who Didn't Vote 4 Me.

Chad-The Hanging Dimple Of Intent.

You are correct Lee..they can't get over it. They're like the little kid who throws their self down on the rug and has a hissy fit just because they didn't get their way. They only pick and choose the rules that fit the way they want to play the game. "I didn't mean to swing the bat and get a strike, I want a do-over!"

They just can't Move On...

Shoes4Industry said...

Q. What’s the difference between George Bush and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad?

A. One is a super-scary, totalitarian, religious fundamentalist nutjob and the other… has a really nasty beard*.

(*And we don’t mean Laura.)

Shoes4Industry said...

Where are the mass graves? Thousands of innocent Iraqis have been killed since 2002

Where are the victims of the chemical warfare? You mean the victims of U.S.DEPLETED URANIUM WEAPONS?

Where are the palaces that cost billions of dollars? Like the larges foreign embassy in the world that your tax dollars are paying for?

Where are the people collecting "cow pies" for fuel for their cooking fires? Because there's still not reliable electricity in IRAQ

Now, who's the worst?

moneysmith said...

Good one, shoes! Sums it up nicely!!

Shoes4Industry said...

"the little kid who throws their self down on the rug and has a hissy fit just because they didn't get their way. They only pick and choose the rules that fit the way they want to play the game. "I didn't mean to swing the bat and get a strike, I want a do-over!"That sounds more like GWB than anything else.

Shoes4Industry said...

BTW, if you read the article, they already have a title, "RECOUNT."

What SHOULD have happened.

moneysmith said...

Yeah, you're right, shoes -- nice grammar. Sleep through the third grade, loserboy?

Anyway, a few thoughts from the "real world," where people actually know and understand the Middle East, instead of making up sh*t.

WARNING: the following contains factual information that might be too complicated and nuanced for lb and lee. It's also going to be hard to blame any of this on Clinton, Democrats or George Soros, so you might want to just skip it and go read someone less challenging, like Michelle Malkin or Ann Coulter.

RE: criticizing Iran for treatment of women and gays:

"We are much closer to Saudi Arabia politically than Iran. And Saudi Arabia is far worse by any measure on the issue of women's rights. Women in Iran vote and drive cars. Women in Saudi Arabia do neither.

"Not all Iranian women are as oppressed as you seem to think. Rural women, sometimes. But there are many, many female professionals in Iran and college enrollment for women is close to equal that of men.
"The Iranian middle class and educated women in Iran think Ahmedinejad is a jerk, but the Iranian middle class also thinks the US is overreacting.
"Gays have a hard time anywhere in the Muslim world. (And for that matter, it's not so easy for them in the US, either.) No sugarcoating it.
"The way you protect LGBT persons in Iran right now is by strengthening moderates, and the way you do that is by reaching out to moderate politicians and by not threatening war all the time. That tends to drive people into Ahmedinejad's arms.

"Iran is a complicated place. It is far from a dictatorship - it has freer elections than nearly any country in the region, and there are lots of power centers other than Ahmedinejad. He actually does not have absolute power - he is checked on one side by Khamenei and on the other by Rafsanjani and other moderates.

"There's an urgent need to understand that, and not to confuse one small hairy fool for an entire country, or his narrow, rigid perspective for that of a much more sophisticated and worldly

LifeBeginsAt200MPH said...

Actually I was wide awake during the 3rd grade. We learned about the electoral college and why it works.

And, Iran was the most civilized Mid East country in the region when the Shah was in power. It was the original Ayatollah Assaholah that started them down the road they are on now. The "typical" Iranian is fine. It's the Islamo Fascist nutballs who are the problem. Ahmadinejad is a flake.

moneysmith said...

If you were awake, then you would know that you don't use "little kid" and "they" interchangeably because one is singular and the other is plural. Got it?

Ahmadinejad is one Iranian out of millions. He is not the country's sole leader. And he's no more of a bombast, flake or sociopath than
Bush, Cheney and the rest of those idiots.

The electoral college did not determine the winner of the 2000 election. The Supreme Court did when they stopped the recount, and they voted along partisan lines. That is such a no-brainer I'm surprised you would even bring it up. But then you and lee are into rehashing old news because you've swallowed O'Lielly's talking points and like nothing better than pretending you're the falafel king.

LifeBeginsAt200MPH said...

Well, thank you Ms. Bestseller for correcting my grammar. LMAO!! Wish I was perfect and enlightened like you are.

The SCOTUS did not decide the election. The voters did. You can twist the facts all you want, but that is the truth. Any and all scenarios for recounting the votes the way Sore/Loserman wanted still showed GWB winning. I'm not the one who has the problem with history and the facts, you are.

Care to bring up the Electoral College again, or is your hiney still sore from the spanking it got on that one? Even YOU can't be ignorant enough to not understand why it is the best way to go....but, that's just my opinion...I could be wrong. But I doubt it.

Oink Oink...

Lee said...

Q: What is the difference between what Mahmoud Ahmadine-nut-case spews and what the democratic party spews?

A: NOTHING! Actually he polly-parrots EVERYTHING they say. Now that's scary!

MS: Who's news are you swallowing? Chris Matthews, Keith (Mad Dog) Olberrmann, MoveON, etc.?

And MS, what's with the grammar corrections? Practice what you preach-stick to the issue.

Lee said...

"Recount" doesn't cut it. How about "And This Little Piggy Cried WHAA WHAA WHAA All the Way Home."

LifeBeginsAt200MPH said...

a good shot on taxes.

moneysmith said...

I hope you're not getting paid to troll, loserboy and lee, because someone's not getting their money's worth. Your replies are lame beyond belief.

Anonymous said...

I can't help but wonder how things would have turned out if the election had been fair...tells you just how much confidence the GOP had in George W. Bush, that they had to cheat to put him in office. He couldn't stand on his own merits, but we all know that now.

If Gore had been President, likely 9/11 would now be known by right-wingers as the day "That jerk stopped the airplanes from flying". Nobody would have died, and the GOP would still be smearing Al Gore. Instead, we got Bush - and thousands have died because of him.

LifeBeginsAt200MPH said...

ROTFLMAO!! You are such a putz MS. Still got your knickers in a knot over the Electoral College thumpin' ya' took? You are the perfect example of the mentality of the crybaby name calling liberal. Your paranoia is laughable. I am not a "troll". I came here because I saw this site "promoted" on Rosie's site and I've loved it ever since. It's called debate, argument, difference of opinion, whatever, and you can't stand that I've got the cajones to come here and give it to ya'. Get paid to do this? Hell, I'd pay just to hear you squeal.


LifeBeginsAt200MPH said...

"If Gore had been President, likely 9/11 would now be known by right-wingers as the day "That jerk stopped the airplanes from flying"."

That's ALMOST the dumbest freakin' thing I've ever heard. I'm sure MS still has something to say to beat it.

Shoes4Industry said...

Correction: HUNDREDS of thousands have died because of BUSH!

moneysmith said...

You call this a debate? I guess you never experienced a real debate, like on a debate team. Like in a college.

Look it up. You are not debating -- you and lee are trolls, pure and simple. And you're two of the stupidest trolls I've ever encountered.

LifeBeginsAt200MPH said...

He's trying to catch up with Clinton's record for "Innocent people around the world we could have saved if I wasn't too busy getting a hummer".

LifeBeginsAt200MPH said...

"And you're two of the stupidest trolls I've ever encountered."

Just matching the competition.

Shoes4Industry said...

Again, It's Clinton's Fault! LOL
That's the best you can do?


LifeBeginsAt200MPH said...

LMAO! You'd have been disappointed if I hadn't. Wouldn't want to let you down now.


Lee said...

No, not getting paid to troll. I've got a real job and better things to do other than make a career out of trying to destroy our pres. & country.

9/11 would have happened no matter who was pres. Don't forget that Gore was the VP in the planning stages (when it SHOULD have been broken up) and he didn't have a clue as to what was about to happen.

Thought name calling was frowned upon on this site. If LB and I are stupid people then you are a moron-a VERY stupid person.

moneysmith said...

That's your best shot??? You've got to be kidding! What, are you in the 3rd grade? Those are straight out of the "I know you are, but what am I?" playbook. You should be ashamed. Ooops, I forgot -- Repugs have no shame.

I have work to do over at DailyKos. Feel free to join me anytime. You'd be troll rated out of there in about 20 seconds, but it would be good for yet another laugh.

LifeBeginsAt200MPH said...

Gawd Awmighty! You're supposed to be a professional writer and you actually admit to having work to do at DKos...That's hilarious. Your psychosis is deeper rooted than I thought.

H Nicole said...

Iranians Decry Harsh Words for (their) President...

H Nicole said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
H Nicole said...

It's fax time!

September 26, 2007

RE: Questionable Democratic Voting Records on HR 2206, S 1927, and HR 976

Dear Congressmen Boren, Etheridge, Hill, Marshall, McIntyre, and Taylor (full name list and contact information below):

On May 24, 2007, 86 Democratic members of the US House of Representatives, along with 194 Republicans, voted yes to support the president’s continued occupation of Iraq with what was in effect a blank check that had little to no limitations placed on it (see House roll call 425 on HR 2206 at This is despite a clear mandate from voters last November, 2006, to end the costly occupation, in both lives and money, immediately.

On August 4, 2007, 41 Democratic members of the US House of Representatives, along with 186 Republicans, voted yes to allow the president, along with his corrupted Department of Justice and NSA, yet more unlimited wire-tapping powers that further encroached on the individual rights of US citizens and represented yet another attack on the US Constitution from an already out of control administration (see House roll call 836 on S 1927 at This is despite a clear mandate from the voters last November, 2006, for Congress -- and Democrats in particular -- to stand up to this rogue president and protect the US Constitution.

Of the 41 Democrats in the House who voted yes on S 1927 (yes to the president’s apparent personal ambition to take this country yet another step closer to becoming a police state), 40 of these "Democrats" had also voted yes on HR 2206 (yes to the president’s illegal money-making, genocide-supporting scheme conveniently called "the war on terror" aka, the occupation of Iraq).

Therefore, from these two votes alone, there seems to be a potentially treasonous core of 40 representatives who do not appear to be following the will of the constituents who put them into office in the first place and who instead consistently vote to give the president whatever he wants, for reasons that are not yet clear and have yet to be elucidated.

On September 25, 2007, 220 Democratic members of the US House of Representatives, along with 45 Republicans, voted yes to the Children’s Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act, of which the president openly and publicly does not approve (see roll call 906 on HR 976 at Only 8 Democrats in the House agreed with the president on this, and out of these 8 representatives, 6 belong to the aforementioned core group of 40 representatives who appear to be loyalists to the president and to the Republican Party more than anything else. You are one of the six.

Are you sure that voting yes on HR 2206, yes on S 1927, and no on HR 976 was according to the will of the majority of your constituents? I am curious because I read everywhere that a majority of US citizens do not approve of just about anything this president does, and I would like to know if the views reflected in the polls and opinion pieces in the local newspapers in your respective districts simply run contrary to the rest of the country.


H. Nicole Young, Ph.D.,
Representative of the Citizens of the United States of America (ROC-USA)
This letter also posted online at

List of six Democratic members of the US House of Representatives who voted yes on HR 2206 (The Iraqi Occupation Appropriations Bill), yes on S 1927 (The "Protect" America Act), and no on HR 976 (Children’s Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act):

Georgia: Representative Jim Marshall (D-GA 8th), 3rd term, Ranked #44 in Party
Phone: 202-225-6531 Fax: 202-225-3013 Webmail:

Indiana: Representative Baron P. Hill (D-IN 9th), 4th term, Ranked #128 in Party
Phone: 202-225-5315 Fax: 202-226-6866 Webmail:

Mississippi: Representative Gene Taylor (D-MS 4th), 10th term, Ranked #110 in Party
Phone: 202-225-5772 Fax: 202-225-7074 Webmail:

North Carolina: Representative Bobby Etheridge (D-NC 2nd), 6th term, Ranked #158 in Party
Phone: 202-225-4531 Fax: 202-225-5662 Webmail:

North Carolina: Representative Mike McIntyre (D-NC 7th), 6th term, Ranked #128 in Party
Phone: 202-225-2731 Fax: 202-225-5773 Webmail:

Oklahoma: Representative Dan Boren (D-OK 2nd), 2nd term, Ranked #54 in Party
Phone: 202-225-2701 Fax: 202-225-3038 Webmail:


CC: The 34 additional members of the US House of Representatives who voted yes on HR 2206 and S 1927:

Alabama: Representative Robert E. Cramer, Jr. (D-AL 5th) 9th-term (#25 in Party)
Phone: 202-225-4801 Fax: 202-225-4392 Webmail:

Alabama: Representative Artur Davis (D-AL 7th) 3rd-term (#54 in Party)
Phone: 202-225-2665 Fax: 202-226-9567 Webmail:

Arizona: Representative Harry E. Mitchell (D-AZ 5th) 1st-term (#223 in Party)
Phone: 202-225-2190 Fax: 202-225-3263 Webmail:

Arkansas: Representative Vic Snyder (D-AR 2nd) 6th-term (#180 in Party)
Phone: 202-225-2506 Fax: 202-225-5903 Webmail:

Arkansas: Representative Mike Ross (D-AR 4th) 4th-term (#98 in Party)
Phone: 202-225-3772 Fax: 202-225-1314 Webmail:

California: Representative Jim Costa (D-CA 20th) 2nd-term (#145 in Party)
Phone: 202-225-3341 Fax: 202-225-9308 Webmail:

Colorado: Representative John T. Salazar (D-CO 3rd) 2nd-term (#190 in Party)
Phone: 202-225-4761 Fax: 202-226-9669 Webmail:

Florida: Representative F. Allen Boyd, Jr. (D-FL 2nd) 6th-term (#84 in Party)
Phone: 202-225-5235 Fax: 202-225-5615 Webmail:

Georgia: Representative John Barrow (D-GA 12th) 2nd-term (#88 in Party)
Phone: 202-225-2823 Fax: 202-225-3377 Webmail:

Illinois: Representative Dan Lipinski (D-IL 3rd) 2nd-term (#231 in Party)
Phone: 202-225-5701 Fax: 202-225-1012 Webmail:

Illinois: Representative Melissa L. Bean (D-IL 8th) 2nd-term (#210 in Party)
Phone: 202-225-3711 Fax: 202-225-7830 Webmail:

Indiana: Representative Joe Donnelly (D-IN 2nd) 1st-term (#154 in Party)
Phone: 202-225-3915 Fax: 202-225-6798 Webmail:

Indiana: Representative Brad Ellsworth (D-IN 8th) 1st-term (#196 in Party)
Pbone: 202-225-4636 Fax: 202-225-3284 Webmail:

Iowa: Representative Leonard L. Boswell (D-IA 3rd) 6th-term (#44 in Party)
Phone: 202-225-3806 Fax: 202-225-5608 Webmail:

Kentucky: Representative Ben Chandler (D-KY 6th) 3rd-term (#136 in Party)
Phone: 202-225-4706 Fax: 202-225-2122 Webmail:

Lousiana: Representative Charlie Melancon (D-LA 3rd) 2nd-term (#137 in Party)
Phone: 202-225-4031 Fax: 202-226-3944 Webmail:

Minnesota: Representative Tim Walz (D-MN 1st) 1st-term (#202 in Party)
Phone: 202-225-2472 Fax: 202-225-3433 Webmail:

Minnesota: Representative Collin Peterson (D-MN 7th) 9th-term (#126 in Party)
Phone: 202-225-2165 Fax: 202-225-1593 Webmail:

North Carolina: Representative Heath Shuler (D-NC 11th) 1st-term (#202 in Party)
Phone: 202-225-6401 Fax: 202-226-6422 Webmail:

North Dakota: Representative Earl Pomeroy (D-ND At-Large) 8th-term (#52 in Party)
Phone: 202-225-2611 Fax: 202-226-0893 Webmail:

Ohio: Representative Charlie Wilson (D-OH 6th) 1st-term (#219 in Party)
Phone: 202-225-5705 Fax: 202-225-5907 Webmail:

Ohio: Representative Zack Space (D-OH 18th) 1st-term (#202 in Party)
Phone: 202-225-6265 Fax: 202-225-3394 Webmail:

Pennsylvania: Representative Jason Altmire (D-PA 4th) 1st-term (#219 in Party)
Phone: 202-225-2565 Fax: 202-226-2274 Webmail:

Pennsylvania: Representative Christopher Carney (D-PA 10th) 1st-term (#234 in Party)
Phone: 202-225-3731 Fax: 202-225-9594 Webmail:

South Dakota: Representative Stephanie Herseth Sandlin (D-SD At-Large) 3rd-term (#172 in Party)
Phone: 202-225-2801 Fax: 202-225-5823 E-mail:

Tennessee: Representative Lincoln Davis (D-TN 4th) 3rd-term (#168 in Party)
Phone: 202-225-6831 Fax: 202-226-5172 Webmail:

Tennessee: Representative Jim Cooper (D-TN 5th) 9th-term (#103 in Party)
Phone: 202-225-4311 Fax: 202-226-1035 Webmail:

Tennessee: Representative Bart Gordon (D-TN 6th) 12th-term (#29 in Party)
Phone: 202-225-4231 Fax: 202-225-6887 Webmail:

Tennessee: Representative John S. Tanner (D-TN 8th) 10th-term (#51 in Party)
Phone: 202-225-4714 Fax: 202-225-1765 E-mail:

Texas: Representative Chet Edwards (D-TX 17th) 9th-term (#36 in Party)
Phone: 202-225-6105 Fax: 202-225-0350 Webmail:

Texas: Representative Nicholas V. Lampson (D-TX 22nd) 5th-term (#150 in Party)
Phone: 202-225-5951 Fax: 202-225-5241 Webmail:

Texas: Representative Ciro D. Rodriguez (D-TX 23rd) 5th-term (#162 in Party)
Phone: 202-225-4511 Fax: 202-225-2237 Webmail:

Texas: Representative Henry Cuellar (D-TX 28th) 2nd-term (#222 in Party)
Phone: 202-225-1640 Fax: 202-225-1641 Webmail:

Utah: Representative Jim Matheson (D-UT 2nd) 4th-term (#113 in Party)
Phone: 202-225-3011 Fax: 202-225-5638 Webmail:

Lee said...

MS: Maybe it wasn't my best shot but it must have been a good one because it really ruffled your feathers.

YOU call me stupid then ask if I'M in the third grade?

So, you "work" at the DailyKos? Then your career really is only about destroying this pres. and this country. I'd be good for a few laughs there? No, you are not laughing at me (or LB) you are pissed because we don't swallow your BS. When one laughs it is a sign of having a good time and you are NOT enjoying when we have to say.

Lee said...

Thought I'd share a letter to the editor in our local newspaper.

"Last week I was reading your article on the anti-war protesters when my 9-year old son asked me what I was reading. I told hime what the article was about, pulling our troops out of Iraq. He stated he agreed with the protesters, we should not be in Iraq. I asked him why he thought that and he stated that "if we leave them alone, they will leave us along."
I explained to him that normally that is true but not in this case. I gave him a quick rundown of what the hijackers of Islam have done over the years against Western civilization around the world for no other reason than the culture. I started with their attacks as far back as the '70's with the Iranian hostage crisis and pointed out the recdnt ones, the U.S. embassies, the USS Cole, the Marine barracks, Bali, London and of course 9/11 just to mention a few.
My son then asked, "So if we leave them alone, they won't leave us alone?" My one word answer was "exactly." He then asked if the protesters know this, and if they do, why do they want to bring the troops home instead of fighting them where they are? I told him "that I don't know."

A nine-year-old "gets it." How old are the regulars on this site?

LifeBeginsAt200MPH said...

Ya' seen the latest Lee? They think we're the same person. How funny is that? Paranoia and delusion are a requirement to be part of the "Progressive Truth Movement".

I still can't believe the American people were stupid enough to elect a half rate guv from one of the lowest rated states in the country over a man who had been head of the CIA, Ambassador, Vice Pres and a WWII fighter pilot. I was furious, but I accepted it.

And I found out later why Slick was quote numerous females I know personally...he was "doable". There's a reason to vote for someone.

Sure wish Ann Coulter and Laura Ingram would run...they'd get my "vote".

And I've looked and looked and I still don't see a President Gore listed anywhere.


moneysmith said...

Great letter, h nic!! What was that fax service you mentioned you had in an earlier post? Me and my team at DailyKos have some serious Congressional faxing to do. Thanks!!

Lee said...

Sure they want to believe that we are the same person. Can't believe that ONE person disagrees let alone TWO.

Laura Igram's book "Power to the People" is No.1 on the NY Times bestseller list. I guess there is at least one conserative that's making some sense.

Shoes4Industry said...

Sure wish Ann Coulter and Laura Ingram would run...they'd get my "vote".

We're sure they would. If you expected your comments to have any credibility here, this definitely ends that possibility once and for all.

H Nicole said...

Hi, Money,

The best fax service is Metro Hi Speed Fax. It costs 12.95/mo for 1000 pages/mo sent or received, and is only like 3 or 5 cents a page if you go over this limit.

The second best deal I know about is Ring Central Fax. They are $20-25/mo, depending on your payment plan, for 1000 pages/mo, but they also have other plans for less than $10/mo if you are not planning on sending up to 1000 pages/mo

The reason I prefer faxing over phone or webmail is that you have a record of what was sent and a record that it was received.

H Nicole said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
H Nicole said...

Lee, please give a reference to the letter in your local paper about the boy being trained to grow up to be a respected KKK member.


Lee said...

hN: Growing up to be a KKK member? What the hell are you talking about? What did that letter have to do with racism? Or, are you one of those people that thinks EVERYTHING is race related?

Shirley Heezgay said...

"A nine-year-old "gets it." How old are the regulars on this site?"

Old enough to see that article looks like it was WRITTEN by a nine year old.

A random letter to the editor of Some Small Town Newspaper is hardly the voice of the collective.

Quick question, did the author of the letter include her credentials in political science, anthropology, philanthropy or military ranking?

A for effort, but not even close.

Shirley Heezgay said...


not that I think anyone needs "credentials" to have an opinion, but if you're going to POST on a thread, it should prove a point and be linked.

H Nicole said...

I think the KKK is in Iraq right now, disguised a Blackwater, having a field day participating in the local genocide and shooting dark-skinned people as if they are on a "turkey shoot."

Wake up people. Hitler's army is in Iraq, millions are dying simply because of the color of their skin and/or their religion, and we are all looking away and pretending like we don't know -- or just don't want to know.

Yes, I've got news for you, Lee, everything is racist when the KKK is in charge of the country.

H Nicole said...

Here's a good question: how many women, blacks, or other minorities are Blackwater employees in the field in Iraq?

LifeBeginsAt200MPH said...


H Nicole said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
H Nicole said...

Yeah, *sigh* is right.

Perhaps a more pertinent question that gets right to the heart of the matter: how many Blackwater employees in the field in Iraq are NOT white males from the South?

Is this statistic even available?

moneysmith said...

THANKS, h nic!! I agree, faxes are the only way to go. I've been told they (congress members) pay no attention to email and that regular mail is held up for weeks (months possibly) because it has to be screened for anthrax before being delivered. Unfortunately, they don't extend that service to the rest of the nation!

LifeBeginsAt200MPH said...

Yeah...and how many members of the NBA are white? So what's the point?

Shoes4Industry said...

The NBA isn't in Iraq killing innocent civilians! We thought you were the "bleeding heart" using the poor Iraqis as your reason for taking out Saddam? You can't have it both ways. Geeeez.

H Nicole said...

The NBA naturally screens for tall, talented basketball players, and now I want to know if Blackwater naturally screens for white male KKK types from the South. It's a legitimate question.

So what's your point about my point?

H Nicole said...

Here is somebody both you and I might like, Life. He blames Democrats as much, if not moreso, than Republicans for the carnage in Iraq...

Jeremy Scahill

H Nicole said...

Go Jeremy!

Lee said...

Since when does one have to list their credentials to write a letter to the editor? All they usually ask for is name, address, phone number or e-mail. Oh, now we all need "credentials" to express ourselves?
FYI: The letter was not printed in SOME SMALL TOWN PAPER. It was printed in a newpaper in a MID-SIZED CITY. The FATHER'S name was printed after the letter but I certainly will not give out his name on this site. And it is not a random letter. Letters are printed frequently regarding support of the mission, I just happen to share this one.

The KKK is not in charge of this country because if they were (according to you) they'd be killing of the "dark-skinned" people here. But as I see everyday in the newspapers and on the news the "dark-skinned" are the ones killing other "dark-skinned." Where's your outrage regarding that.

LifeBeginsAt200MPH said...

Now, now Lee. That would be telling the truth...and thats' being racist.


Shoes4Industry said...

One word...Katrina.

Shirley Heezgay said...

Do you even allow the words time to absorb into your sponge?

You want to put an article up here, fine, go right ahead. I'm certainly in no position to stop you.


If you're trying to prove a point, you should provide a link. And I would think you would provide a link to something credible, not some ramblings of a 9 YEAR OLD and his dad.

Oh, and before you go off thinking Shoes is suggesting that the "Good Ol' Boys" arranged for a hurricane...hold on. Take a breath. Let it sink in. We all know that's not possible.


That the "Good Ol' Boys" aren't doing anything to help those folks. For God's sakes, Brad Pitt is donating 5 mil for the lower 9th.

Why is it still happening? Real Estate? Racism? Instant Military Personnel?

Now....take some time. Re-read it if you have to.

LifeBeginsAt200MPH said...

The US has spent over $114 BILLION dollars on Katrina aid. It's the local and state putz governments that are the problem with nepotism and fraud running rampant.

It could rain money and you all would still find something to bitch about.

Shoes4Industry said...

And there's no fraud, abuse, mismanagement or corruption on the FEDERAL government level? lol Give us a break! Heck of a comment LB@200.

LifeBeginsAt200MPH said...

Never said there wasn't any on the federal level. But compared to the state and locals, it's not much. The US has sent BILLIONS of $$$ to NOLA for decades to repair/upgrade their infrastructure and they squandered it on pet projects that were worthless.

Shoes4Industry said...

More evidence of FEDERAL mis-management. Classic 'blame the victims', BS.

Shoes4Industry said...

Let's remember that it was poor construction by the ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS that led to the disaster in the first place. Not the hurricane or the local government.

LifeBeginsAt200MPH said...

Actually, it was the French. They built the city to start with. LOL...>;}

Shoes4Industry said...

The French weren't responsible for all the deaths and destruction.

What happened with all your compassion for those less fortunate?
As long as it fits into your geo-political fantasy.

Shirley Heezgay said...


Those are your words, LB.

The FEDERAL government should HAUL ASS into NOLA, arrest anyone responsible for misappropriation of funds and FIX THIS GODDAMN MESS ON AMERICAN SOIL.

Shirley Heezgay said...

...and if you were pulling the purse strings, wouldn't you be pissed off to know where $114 BILLION DOLLARS WENT TO?

Oh, wait. Same guy who spoke with the 9/11 commission in tandem with Cheney, not recorded, etc etc.

The same guy (as a presidential candidate)who criticised Clinton on April 9, 1999 saying, "Victory means exit strategy, and it's important for the President to explain to us what the exit strategy is." referring to military presence in Kosovo?

Let's face it.

GWB has his head so far up his ass that, if he had one, he could lick his heart.

H Nicole said...

Not so fast, Shirley! Don't mean to undermine your arguments or my credibility here (the way Dr. Judy Wood sometimes does when she makes perfect sense one minute about evidence for dustification, then starts tauting 9/11 TV fakery and massive media cover-ups the next), but I am strongly in the camp that says it is probably pretty darn easy, technologically, to alter local weather phenomenon, and it *may* even be possible to guide and intensify already existing hurricanes (not create new ones from scratch -- big difference).

Does anybody refute that the government and private industry has carried out and funded experiments trying to understand and alter the weather since the beginning of time? Who wouldn't?

All it would take in this case might be a bunch of big mirrors to reflect and focus the sunlight (not unreasonably big -- just doably big) and a little college-level knowledge of optics, nothing high tech at all, to possibly heat up (not by a lot -- it probably wouldn't take much) some patch of ocean here or there to one side or another of an already existing hurricane. Think of it as a giant magnifying glass taking the sunlight and focusing on a targeted piece of the ocean.

Anyway, don't kid yourself that this idea (or something similar) at least hasn't been tried, and the initial intent was probably mostly to try to steer hurricanes away from land, or at least away from highly populated areas on land.

I can see the progress report now:

In our experiments, we were able to steer the eye of hurricane at least 50 miles in one direction or another, but there's only one problem: the act of steering the hurricane by heating up certain patches of the ocean caused the hurricane to intensify two-fold! Oops!

Well, maybe not oops for those with a different agenda.

Anyway, I certainly wouldn't rule it out as a possibility that some technique exists that can at least guide hurricanes somewhat, if not intensify them, and I am certainly not going to remain silent about the simple "possibility" out of fear of "looking crazy." What's crazy is thinking it is now, and always will be in the future, completely impossible to alter local weather phenomonon, for better or for worse, in any way, shape, or form.

LifeBeginsAt200MPH said...

Yup...that's right. GWB should personally supervise each and every individual in the gubmint daily and personally supervise and account for each and every dollar spent every minute of every day. Give me a frkn break.

I was standing on the Gulf Coast in Gulfport, Ms. the Sunday the after Katrina hit and then stood in the middle of about 4,000 trailers that were being pooled to be delivered to the affected area. Between KCMO and there I also saw THOUSANDS of utility trucks, more house trailers, boats, bulldozers, construction equipment, semi's full of lumber, and the most incredible amount of men, machines, and material I have ever seen in my life.

And yet, many morons think the government did nothing to help the affected area. What the hell did you expect them to do? Park all the needed materials and machines right in the path of the hurricane so it would all be destroyed? Did you ever stop to think that you can't very well rebuild houses and infrastructure until the floodwaters recede?

And what about that dumbass Nagin letting THOUSANDS of buses sit empty and unused when they could have been used to evacuate the people? And what about the idiots that didn't leave when they had the chance?

Let's deal with a few facts, something very uncommon here.

NOLA sits BELOW sea level...understand? There are HURRICANES in the Gulf. When hurricanes hit, they create storm surges. When storm surges hit they RAISE the sea level. Still with me or are the facts too hard to understand? Katrina was one hell of a storm. And don't lay that heating the Gulf up with death rays to wipe out the black people BS either.

Once the levees were breached, the pumps were overwhelmed and when the levees failed due to the unprecedented storm surge, what happened, happened. It's called Mother Nature.

Now hindsight is the best foresight, so I'm sure you all would say they should have built 100 foot tall levees and some other super colossal construction project, but then you would have been bitching about all the money the ACOE was wasting when it could have gone for something really important, like Midnight Basketball....


H Nicole said...

You really should have some kind of search engine for your blog, Shoes!

I am looking for that link you had a while ago where that hurricane guy was quoted as saying, "Never in the history of hurricanes has there been a hurricane that intensified so quickly and in such a short time span. I would like to know what happened here..."

Remember that? And it was a recent hurricane just within the last month, too...

H Nicole said...

Attempts at ethnic cleansing during Katrina? I guess a bunch of poor black people can not be counted as reliable witnesses, eh?

H Nicole said...

You know, Life, by all the first-hand accounts you have of all the major events in American history, I think we've finally revealed your identity: Forrest Gump!

H Nicole said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
H Nicole said...

I love the term "death rays" as an argument against any idea that involves optics or laser beams. It's Operative Steven Jones' favorite term, along with "molten steel" and "thermite that cuts steel like butter."

No need to be afraid, Life. Laser beams (not "death rays") are used all over the place, even in your local supermarket scanning machines.

LifeBeginsAt200MPH said...

I actually have several pride and joy is a Metrologic .85mW He-Ne.

..I've also shaken the hands of more than one President too.

And when I was a little kid on the farm, when JC Penney used to come back to his home town, we'd go to town and he'd give me a penny to get a gum ball. And he knew me by name...'cause my Gdad and Dad used to do some work for him on his farm equipment and buildings.

I got a million of 'em...

LifeBeginsAt200MPH said...

Oh...and it's also a modulated beam so I can not only transmit audio, but B/W video too...TV over a laser beam...up to 1000 feet, and more with a cool is that?

Shirley Heezgay said...

"Did you ever stop to think that you can't very well rebuild houses and infrastructure until the floodwaters recede?"

Isn't the water gone yet?

No, I don't expect GWB himself to watch everyone's wallets, but this is a very specific incident, enormous enough to wipe out half of a city, the nation's eyes watching, oh, and 114 BILLION DOLLARS.

Shirley Heezgay said... who's making excuses?

Shirley Heezgay said...

I should really read everyone's posts twice before responding...

"I was standing on the Gulf Coast in Gulfport, Ms. the Sunday the after Katrina hit and then stood in the middle of about 4,000 trailers that were being pooled to be delivered to the affected area...I also saw THOUSANDS of utility trucks, more house trailers, boats, bulldozers, construction equipment, semi's full of lumber, and the most incredible amount of men...I have ever seen in my life."


Legitimately wondering here: Did you stay? Did you help? Even for a day.

You saw it all with your own eyes. Do you need to go back down there one Sunday and compare with what you first saw?

People are living in those shoddy white trailers waiting to move back into their homes.

Over 2 Years now. The water is gone. And now with Iraq, so is the money.

Lee said...

"Dark skinned killing dark skinned everyday in this country" and you come back with one word? Katrina?

First of all, what's up with this "Credible link"? Do you really believe everything on the internet is "credible"? That little boy and his father have something that most of the "intellectuals" on this site lack: COMMON SENSE!

Now, I did not suggest that the "Good Old Boys" arranged the hurricane so maybe that's what you thought about for a split second then realized how ridiculous it sounded.
Nicole is looking for the quote "Never in the history of hurricanes has there been a hurricane that intensified so quickly & in such a short span of time." Like LB said it's called MOTHER NATURE and (as in WT7) there is a FIRST time for everything.

Now Shirley why don't YOU take some time & re-read what LB said.
US has spent over $114 BILLION on Katrina aid. Local & state THIEVES are the problem now just as they were BEFORE Katrina. That is why the levy's weren't fixed in the first place. Because the THIEVES used the money for their pet projects. Why weren't the citizens of NO outraged about that?

How many years has it been known that the big one could wipe out NO? Yet, apparently the evacuation plans were poor or didn't exist at all. And what about all theose school buses that sat there? What about all those people that REFUSED to leave?

Over $114 BILLION in Katrina aid you say the government has done NOTHING? That's just a flat-out LIE.

LifeBeginsAt200MPH said...

You got it Shirl..I've said it for years...The Strong Are Obligated To Defend The Weak...however...

The Smart Are Not Obligated To Protect The Stupid.

As in, the idiots that had built all the million dollar houses about 10 feet from the edge of the gulf where I was standing.

Or the morons who were told for more than a week that an unprecedented storm was coming and offered rides and assistance to get out and stayed.

Or the DUMBASSES who could sit in their front yard and watch OCEAN GOING VESSELS SAIL BY OVER THE TOP OF THEIR HOUSE!!!

Shoes4Industry said...

The aftermath of Katrina is nothing less than cultural (and literal) genocide by the Republicans and the Bush administration, period.

Lee said...

Oh, I forgot to ask again since my question was conventiently left unaswered.

Where is the outrage about all the "dark-skinned" being murdered by other "dark-skinned" everyday in this country?

Answer please?

Shoes4Industry said...

Shoes4Industry said...

There is "outrage" and since when do
"two wrongs make a right?"

Shirley Heezgay said...

Blacks killing blacks is sad, tragic and infuriating. They're doing it from a place of poverty, poor socio-economic conditions, and failing education system.

NOT from a place of hatred and racism.


"Now Shirley why don't YOU take some time & re-read what LB said.
US has spent over $114 BILLION on Katrina aid."



I DID. I reiterated what LB said. I DIDN'T say there weren't thieves in Louisiana. In fact, I DID say they should be arrested.

I DIDN'T say the gov't did NOTHING. I ACKNOWLEDGED his remark about the billions given to NOLA. I'm saying they haven't done ENOUGH. If they had, then it wouldn't still look like Ground Zero.

Lee, I ask you the same question I posed to LB....if you were leading the country, or you were in charge of distributing funds and aid for emergencies, wouldn't you want to get down to brass tacks, arrest the criminals and have a FEDERAL representative supervise the reconstuction of a city.

One can't really blame the residents. Boats sailing above their heads? Fine.

What about: living on a fault line?
Hurricane central? Tornado alley? Below freezing temperatures in the winter months? We're all fools. No where is perfect.

moneysmith said...

First, an overview of the situation in Louisiana from National Geographic, written BEFORE Katrina hit.

Note that millions of people did evacuate before Katrina, but of the 200,000 left behind, most were old, very sick, and/or poor. Even if they were able to get on a school bus -- and many of them were too sick or too weak -- what were were they supposed to do then? Where were they supposed to go? They couldn't check into a hotel, because they had no money. There were no shelters that could handle large numbers of people in rural LA.

Of course, the know-it-alls here won't bother reading the article, so I'll just point out that much of the damage to the wetlands was caused by the oil and gas industries, which did nothing to restore those buffer zones. Plus, the levees were inadequate, something that was known for decades. In fact, a Cat 5 hurricane hitting NOLA was one of the top three disasters scenarios (along with terrorist attack in NY and earthquake in SF) that federal emergency managers admitted were inevitable.

People live below sea level in many areas of the world, including The Netherlands, where they invest in technology to protect their citizens. Why was that not done here?

The Gulf Coast is one of the nation's leading energy producers; people have to live there. Anyone who drives a car and/or heats a home cannot criticize people for living in that region, unless you're not using petroleum-based energy sources.

As for racism playing a role in the rebuilding of NOLA, the city now has 50% fewer African American residents. Most of the $114B has gone to Mississippi and it's Repugnican administration. In NOLA, the money is being spent on expensive condos, country clubs and golf courses, which I'm sure will delight the few remaining residents of the 9th ward! So many of them are avid golfers!! (When they're not working seven days a week to earn enough money to rebuild their homes. Check the NOLA blogs for more on that. I'm so sure you will!)

The trailers are exceptionally toxic, to the point that they are not fit for human life -- that's been so well documented, I can't believe you would even bring it up.

Finally, if you believe the strong are supposed to help the weak, then why were people left helpless for days at the Convention Center? And what about residents of all the small towns throughout the Gulf Coast, where no help came for weeks? Where were these strong, helpful individuals when American citizens needed food, water and shelter? Were those people not worthy of assistance because of the location of their homes?

If that's the case, and an earthquake hits California, the Pacific Northwest, or Missouri, for that matter, is no one supposed to do anything? According to your logic, we're stupid because we live in fault zones. Does that apply to tornadoes, too? How about floods? Or blizzards? Should we just let the snowplows sit in the garages because people were dumb enough to live in places where it snows? If the stupid don't deserve assistance from the "strong," why does FEMA even exist? Or is the "strong help the weak" just a philosophy that you apply selectively, so you can blame the victims when it's convenient? I'm pretty sure that if and when a natural -- or man-made -- disaster hits your neck of the woods, we'll hear some pretty loud squealing.

moneysmith said...

Ooops, sorry, Shirley, I didn't mean to copy you. I just didn't see your post until after I put mine up. At least we're on the same page!

LifeBeginsAt200MPH said...

"The two audits found that up to 900,000 of the 2.5 million applicants who received aid under FEMA’s emergency cash assistance program — which included the $2,000 debit cards given to evacuees — were based on duplicate or invalid Social Security numbers, or false addresses and names."

Sounds to me like the "victims" were the real "criminals".

The gubmint is not sitting on their duff. They are, and have been, actively pursuing those who committed the frauds and crimes.

And there's plenty more where those came from. Katrina was a breeding ground for criminals, scam artists, and more with the massive influx of OUR tax money. One of the reasons for the massive fraud was because taking the time to verify who was legitimately eligible would have given all the "whiners" more ammunition to bitch about the "genocide". Instead the government pumped as much money as fast as they could so that at least the truly needy got aid as fast as possible. Unfortunately, this also allowed the massive fraud to occur.

Can't have it both ways...

..and.."People are living in those shoddy white trailers waiting to move back into their homes." uhhh...EVERY "trailer" was brand spanking new, and somewhere in the neighborhood of about $40,000 new. I got pictures.

moneysmith said...

Pictures! Oh, goody!! I got toxicology reports showing what death traps those trailers were. The reports FEMA tried to hide, so they wouldn't be liable for lawsuits.

The trailers were especially noxious when the residents had to keep doors and windows shut so air conditioning would work in Lousiana's hot, humid summers.

As for "scam artists," look up the billions that have been squandered on Halliburton, KBR, Parsons, Bechtel, Blackwater, et al.

The entire city of New Orleans could have been rebuilt 100 times for what those crooks have stolen.

LifeBeginsAt200MPH said...

Yeah...Georgie, Dick, and Karl spent all those late night hours spraying the trailers with noxious chemicals so their black genocide final solution would come to fruition...

Try and stay on topic please...

Algore lost the 2000 Presidential Election fair and square.

Thank You.

Shoes4Industry said...

Hardly "fair" and definetely not "square."

moneysmith said...

No one said anything about anyone spraying the trailers -- it was the manufacturing process that resulted in toxic levels of formaldehyde, (which some of us seem to think is a good thing).

No one said a word about Al Gore, and you're the one who brought up the pictures of the "shiny white trailers," so who's not on topic here? You, as usual.

Shoes4Industry said...

From your own links LB@200:

"WASHINGTON - In its rush to provide Katrina disaster aid, the Federal Emergency Management Agency wasted millions of dollars and overpaid for hotel rooms, including $438-a-day lodging in New York City, government investigators said Monday.

Reports released by the Government Accountability Office and the Homeland Security Department’s office of inspector general detail a series of accounting flaws, fraud or mismanagement in their initial review of how $85 billion in federal aid is being spent."

Thanks for agreeing with us that the fault is mostly on the FEDERAL not state and local level.

LifeBeginsAt200MPH said...

I know exactly what the links said. The fault lies with all levels of government, but the state and local bear the brunt of the responsibility as they were the last link in the chain to have responsibility to disburse and utilize the funds given to them.

You conveniently overlooked the fact that of over 2 million applications for aid, 900,000 were fraudulent. In other words, the victims were the criminals responsible for the fraud.

And the Feds are going after them like gangbusters to get OUR tax money back.

Oh...and back on the topic of this thread...Algore is still not The President....

Shirley Heezgay said...

"You conveniently overlooked the fact that of over 2 million applications for aid, 900,000 were fraudulent. In other words, the victims were the criminals responsible for the fraud."

I'm not saying its right, but that sounds like a case of "desperate times call for desperate measures" no?

LifeBeginsAt200MPH said...

I've forgot a lot of the exact details, but "they" were gaming the hell out of the system. Some yahoo had like 35 fraudulent SSN's that he turned in to a cohort that approved and disbursed the funds. Another one was somebody on the "inside" who saw to it that something like 30+ members of his/her family were "victims"...and not a dam one of them lived in NOLA. It didn't take long for the scammers to figure out how to bilk the Feds. 'course it's all GWB's fault for not standing over the shoulder of a coupla' hundred thousand people every minute of every day.

moneysmith said...

Speaking of conveniently overlooking facts, after Hurricane Andrew millions of dollars were doled out to people who didn't even live anywhere near the damaged areas, but got money to "rebuild" anyway.

And let's not forget the ONE BILLION DOLLARS in donations that "disappeared" from the Red Cross accounts, internally. Officials still claim they have no idea what happened to the money.

Bottom line: there are scam artists everywhere, but the ones in the Middle East, all Bush/Cheney cronies, have taken this country for a thousand times what anyone in NOLA got. If the feds were so concerned about corruption in Louisiana, why didn't they appoint someone to oversee the distribution of the funds?

Finally, let's not forget that Al Gore, the popular choice for president, was the one who rented a plane at his own expense, and actually spent time in NOLA (where the temperature was in the 90s, and the humidity was also in the 90s, kind of like a sauna) helping people after Katrina. Meanwhile, Bush was sitting in his air-conditioned office, congratulating a horse-show judge on doing a heckuva job. No wonder the rest of the world is appalled at what's happening in this country.

Shoes4Industry said...

"You conveniently overlooked the fact that of over 2 million applications for aid, 900,000 were fraudulent. In other words, the victims were the criminals responsible for the fraud.

And the Feds are going after them like gangbusters to get OUR tax money back."

And where did that money go? Right back into the local economy, unlike the billions being flushed down the rat hole that's Iraq. That's going into the hands of a few war profiteers like Halliburton, which benefits Bush and Cheney.

Maybe you need to take some economics refresher courses.

Geez, get a grip on reality.

LifeBeginsAt200MPH said...

Well Hell, let me run up and rob the local bank right quick, that'll put some money back into the economy...and keep the GM workers busy building me a new 'Vette...


Shoes4Industry said...

Unfortunately, GM no longer offers the Corvette in "burgundy" paint.

LifeBeginsAt200MPH said...

They never offered it in burgandy...

LifeBeginsAt200MPH said...

pardon me...burgundy...

Lee said...

Who dedided that country clubs, golf courses and condos would be built in NO?

When is enough enough?

If the evacuation plans didn't consider the poor and the sick, whose fault is that?

"Desperate times call for desperate measures." What a great excuse to be a criminal.

Ozone Al was there at the scene helping while Bush was in his air-conditioned office? Well, Bush was the PRESIDENT and had a job to do. Al had lots of time on his hands- he was unemployed. Are we just a tad bitter about his LOSS?

Lee said...

Shoes: If there is such outrgage about black on black crime why isn't that such a hot topic on this site?

Just must easier to blame the Republicans (or anyone else) isn't it?

Katrina was a once in a lifetime disaster. The murders and violence (for no good reason) go on day after day.

Shoes4Industry said...

Well, there's alway Earl Scheib.

Shoes4Industry said...

Lee, why are you so adamant about defending this corrupt administration? What's your motivation?

LifeBeginsAt200MPH said...

"corrupt administration"

Where's your proof? Exactly what criminal charges are what specific parties guilty of?

You just hate GWB and Republicans in general.

"I'll paint any car for $99!!!"

LMAO!! I think that old boy smoked more cigarettes than I ever could...that's a good one.

moneysmith said...

Scooter Libby was tried and found guilty. And what about Duke Cunningham, and Jack Abramoff, best buddy to so many Repugs? Then there's Ted Stevens, who looks like he'll be next.

Meanwhile, if the White Haus would turn over the documents Congress has repeatedly requested, the rest of the corruption would come to light. If they have nothing to hide, why don't they stop stonewalling?

LifeBeginsAt200MPH said...

"Among those named by the NRSC as the worst examples of "Democrat hypocrisy" for taking money from Abramoff and his associates are: Sen. Byron Dorgan, (D-N.D.) who received at least $79,300; Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa), who received at least $45,750; Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), who received at least $68,941 and Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.), who received at least $6,250."

"WASHINGTON — Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid, who has led efforts to portray the Jack Abramoff case as a Republican scandal, wrote at least four letters helpful to Indian tribes represented by Abramoff, and the senator's staff regularly had contact with the Abramoff team about legislation affecting other clients.

The activities, detailed in billing records and correspondence, occurred over three years as Reid collected nearly $68,000 in donations from Abramoff's firm, lobbying partners and clients."

And let's not forget good ol' boy William "Refrigerator" Jefferson with $90k in cool cash in his stash.

And Scooter was setup and should be given a full pardon. That was BS. That bimbo used to brag at parties in public that she was a CIA "Agent"...which she wasn't.

Shoes4Industry said...

They are all criminals particularly Bush (Harken Oil) and Cheney (Halliburton).

The rest are small time by comparison.

moneysmith said...

Geez, loserb, your responses are so predictable, I could write them for you. Get some new material.

LifeBeginsAt200MPH said...

Knock yourself out sista' me the effort...LMAO!!

Lee said...

Idiots that try to pass themselves off as Americans but secretly hate this country and blame it for all the world's problems is what motivates me. Our enemies must just love all of you and what you have to say. We should be standing united at this time, but all your propaganda divides this country. No governemnt is perfect. You just keep supporting the likes of Mahmoud Ahmadinutjob, Hugo Chavez,etc. I'll give the "benefit of the doubt" to my countrys' leaders.

Your hatred for Bush and the Republicans is so great you can't even think straight.

MS: Maybe LB responses are always the same because FACTS don't change.

Lee said...

Shoes: The only outrage on this site is directed towards Bush and the Republicans. You claim there is outrage about black on black crime but not on this site. Your excuse for black on black crime seems to be "it's everyone's fault" that it exists.

What about all the poor during the depression. They didn't run around shooting everyone else. Poverty is not an excuse to kill.

Shoes4Industry said...

Your LOVE of Bush and his cronies is so strong (and misguided) that you're not just thinking straight, you're not thinking at all.

Wake up, Lee and smell the hypocrisy.

Lee said...

Talk about hypocrisy. What about welfare recepients that take whatever they can get from the government for free but are the first to bitch and point fingers at them when things don't go their way. THAT my friend is hypocrisy.

And for the third time you have avoided the questions. Why are you so concerned about "dark-skinned" crime over in Iraq but not here in this country? Oh, I know. It's because you can blame the crimes over there on Halliburton, the administration and of couse, the Republicans. Always the Blame Game.

Shoes4Industry said...

Geeeesh, your first name wouldn't be 'ROBERT E." by any chance, would it?

LifeBeginsAt200MPH said...


moneysmith said...

Hey, lee, reality check -- Al Gore was not "unemployed" when Katrina hit and he went to help. He was self-employed, writing, speaking and working on "An Inconvenient Truth."

Big difference between unemployed and self-employed. Just look at all Gore has accomplished and compare it to shit-for-brain's achievements. Let's see -- Osama still running around making videos, two wars sucking up a trillion dollars, millions of Iraqis dead or displaced, Repug party in the toilet ... shall I go on?

Shoes4Industry said...

Please do!

Lee said...

MS: "Unemployed" as in "unemployed" in the job as president (the job Ozone Al really wanted, but LOST).

And again, if Clinton had seized just ONE of the half-dozen opportunities he had to get bin Laden then I guess he wouldn't be running around making those tapes.But then again, you always let Billy Boy off the hook, don't you?

LifeBeginsAt200MPH said...

Now, now Lee, you know we're just Clinton haters...LMAO!!

moneysmith said...

September 11 happened on Bush's watch. He's had 6.5 years to get bin Laden. Or he could've done it BEFORE the attacks, since the information was available.

You described Gore as "unemployed." Now you're just backtracking, like lard-ass Limpo, and changing your story. Al Gore makes you crazy, doesn't he? Because you know he won and your POS president had to have the Supreme Court "save" him. Hippies forever!!!

LifeBeginsAt200MPH said...

The SCOTUS had nothing to do with who was elected. The People did. SCOTUS only stopped all the BS that Sore/Losermans supporters were trying to get away with. Such as counting fraudulent votes, felons votes, dead people votes, and the usual hijinks the Dims try and get away with.

Ever heard of the Electoral College? Want me to tell you how it works and why it's the Law Of The Land?

moneysmith said...

The "people" did not elect shit-for-brains. Gore won the popular vote. Pop-u-lar -- three syllables. I know it's a lot for you, but deal with it.

It means more PEOPLE voted for him. He was the PEOPLE'S choice. And that's not counting all the votes in Florida (where who was the governor -- oh, right, Jeb Bush!) because they never completed the recount.

LifeBeginsAt200MPH said...

Pop-u-lar doesn't count. It's called the E-lec-tor-al (4 syllables) College.

And they had recounts out the ass. You Goreons wanted to count invalid votes, dimpled chads and any other halfass excuse you could come up with to try and steal the election and go against the will of the people.

Al Gore is still not the president. Move On...

moneysmith said...

OMG, just rewrite history, why don't you. That's the only way you morons can "win" an argument. You're just like georgie -- you can't stand to lose or admit a mistake. On the emotional intelligence scale, you're all about four years old. We'll just skip the social issues for the time being.

Lee said...

Funny how the important information on bin Laden came up right after Clinton left office.

Bush had 6.5 years to catch bin Laden. Well, Clinton had EIGHT (8!).

And just what story am I changing, MS? My man WON no need for me to be crazy. You are the crazy one - your man LOST, you CAN'T GET OVER IT and you CAN'T MOVE ON.
Wonder if Ozone Al would rather be popular or president?

Regarding Rush had his "drug addiction" - when has there ever been a drug addict that liberals didn't like?

moneysmith said...

Okay, so if the information on bin Laden came to light when georgie was preznint, why didn't he do something about it, mr big tough texas air national guard for ten minutes?

Al Gore won the popular vote. Have you got some "secret" document that shows otherwise?

That's the best you can do to excuse Limpo's oxycontin habit? Tell you what, lee, don't even bother. You're pitiful. If you weren't so stupid, I'd feel sorry for you, but ignorance is supposedly bliss and I'm sure you're very happy!!

LifeBeginsAt200MPH said...

Pop-u-lar vote does not de-ter-mine who is Pres-i-dent. Do we have to get the crayons and color a picture for you?

I don't give a shit if Sore/Loserman got 1 vote or 2 million more votes for President. He couldn't even win in his home state and get their electoral votes.

The E-lec-tor-al Coll-ege is what determines who the President is and Bush won.

Be Progressive, Move On...Bush won, Gore lost.

LifeBeginsAt200MPH said...

• Gore request for recounts of all ballots in Broward, Miami-Dade, Palm Beach, and Volusia counties Bush by 225
• Florida Supreme Court of all undervotes statewide Bush by 430
• Florida Supreme Court as being implemented by the counties, some of whom refused and some counted overvotes as well as undervotes Bush by 493

LifeBeginsAt200MPH said...

From the Wash Post...

Study of Disputed Florida Ballots Finds Justices Did Not Cast the Deciding Vote
George W. Bush would have won even if the Supreme Court had allowed the statewide manual recount that the Florida court had ordered to go forward.

We(I) are correct and you are wrong MS. Gore LOST & Bush WON and the SCOTUS had NOTHING to do with it.

Lee said...

Point was M(oron)S: Point was Billy Boy had bin Laden's number for EIGHT years and didn't do a damn thing to capture him. But of course, Bush was supposed to get the job done in his first seven months in office.

Why are you still stuck on the Bush/Gore election? The Dims. had a chance to win back the WH in the next election. But....another loser. What's your EXCUSE for that loss?

LifeBeginsAt200MPH said...

Algore...what a putz

Anonymous said...

To be a Progressive Democrat you need to believe that:

1. People are not responsible for their own actions and government owes them a living by charging working people taxes.

2. Criminals are just lonely and need some more money from working people to improve their life and quit being criminals.

3. All adult working white men who have money are evil and owe everyone else.

4. Everything wrong in the world is the fault of white men since time began.

5. Al Gore won the 2000 presidential election.

6. The USA is a Democracy and not a Republic.

7. Anyone who believes in God is stupid.

8. Guns kill people, people don't murder people.

9. Sexual perversion is normal and healthy. Anal sex between men is natural. Pedophilia is love.

10. Welfare whores who pop babies out by any and all men they meet are owed a living by other responsible taxpayers.

11. It's a crime to drink, drive, have a wreck and let someone die unless your name is Kennedy.

12. The 1% of the country that feeds the other 99% of the country are polluters and criminals for tilling the soil and raising animals for food.

13. It's a crime for a sitting US President to LIE to Congress and get caught, but it's OK if he sticks a cigar in a girls kootchie in the Oval Office.

14. A tobacco farmer who ran a typewriter in 'nam is smarter and more qualified to be POTUS than a high performance fighter pilot.

15. Children have the right to do whatever they want without discipline.

16. Clinically insane people need to be released into the public and are free to do what they want without retribution because they "can't help" themselves.

17. Illegal immigrants have the same rights as US citizens.

18. Voting is a right and not a priviledge.

19. Ebonics is a language. Making children learn to spell and read and do math is oppression. Not keeping score in games is natural because competition is evil. Smart children need to be brought down to the level of lazy shiftless students so the lazy ones don't "feel" bad.

20. This blog represents the main stream American.