Saturday, May 24, 2008

Now, Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

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Lee said...

Before we go back to our regularly scheduled programming and since it is the season of re-runs...

The following was written by someone who has made 10 trips to the Gulf Coast as part of the effort to assist in the aid, cleanup and recovery there. His wife's entire family was impacted by Katrina, with sisters and cousins losing their jobs and all of their belongings. They witness firsthand the devastation and questioned everyone they met-from New Orleans to Pascagouls, Miss.-to understand the efforts of the various governments involved during the first critical days after the storm.

There is no disputing the evidence: The federal government released billions of dollars immediately to Louisiana and Mississippi. One must understand, however, the issues regarding states' rights and the roles of the governors' offices and the local governments. Mississippi's reaction to the disaster contrasted dramatically to Louisiana's inaction.

Thousands in New Orleans refused to evacuate and thousands more could not. The incaction of Mayor Ray Nagin resulted in hundreds of deaths, and the slow reaction of Gov. Kathleen Blanco delayed the mission of the Red Cross. Rogue New Orleans police officers went on a crime spree. After two, years Louisiana had processed less than 10% of the federal grant applications for Katrina victims. And finally, Democratic U.S. Rep. William J.Jefferson, indicted last year on 16 counts of bribery, is alleged to have diverted a rescue helicopter in order to recover valuables at his home.

Mississippi was hit by a hurricane. New Orleans was hit by politicians.