Monday, August 4, 2008

Yet Another Plane Hits House, House Refuses to Implod Event!

A small plane flying through heavy fog clipped a tree and then slammed into a house in Gearhart, Ore., Monday. Authorities said two people aboard the plane and two children in the seaside vacation home were killed. Here, a deputy fire marshal stands outside what is left of the home.

GEARHART, Ore. (Aug. 4) - A small plane crashed into a seaside house in heavy fog early Monday, killing two people aboard and two children in the vacation home it struck, authorities said. The impact shook homes a half-mile away in this resort town. Rebecca Herren, who lives about a block and a half from the crash, said she was in bed when an explosion rocked her home before 7 a.m."I heard the plane above and thought, 'Gosh, it's awfully low and awfully early,'" she said. She then heard two smaller explosions. (controlled demolition?)

NOW, can we have a complete, independent investigation of the events of 9/11/01??


Lee said...


LifeBeginsAt200MPH said...

ditto....but, you forgot to say this site is till searching for lame, no logic conclusions to scientific fact.

Lee said...

"this site is STILL (not till) searching"...

Thought I'd correct you before Shoes does because as you know, if there is nothing else to say, he/she/it will jump all over a misspelled word.

Shoes4Industry said...


Nice try guys.


Lee said...

Nice try? HUGH?

Lee said...

OK Shoes, don't answer and thanks for proving a point.

When the tough gets going the loud-mouth liberals bail.

That is why they keep talking about reversing the Fairness Doctrine-can't accept the fact the conserative radio talk shows are very successful and because they give a different view point L-M libs. want to shut them down.

When Hillary bad-mouthed Obama it was considered a "spirited" debate. Now, of course, those nasty Republicans are slamming poor Obama (never mind that they are the same things that his fellow Dem. said first).

And let us not forget good ol'Rosie O. Couldn't handle someone standing up to her so she QUIT.

Notice that Shirley he/she/it is taking a break, too. Could it be that the two of you (or are you one in the same) are hitting the NOBAMA campaign trail.

Notice no question marks up above. No need to answer.

Shirley said...

lee lee lee.

i can't possibly be on Barack's campaign tour as a canadian. i mean, i guess i could, but we have our own election to worry about right now.

as for being one and the same with shoes, obviously we're not, but we def. think the same about some things.

and i'll thank you in advance to not refer to me as 'it' in the future.