Sunday, September 21, 2008

Terrorist Apparently Losing Their "Touch"

In one of the largest terrorist attacks in Pakistan, a huge truck bomb exploded Saturday outside the Marriott Hotel in Islamabad, killing at least 53 people. Experts said Taliban and al-Qaida militants most likely masterminded the attack.The building — one of the few places outside the diplomatic district where U.S. diplomats were permitted to socialize — was still smoldering 24 hours after blast, and to the amazement of everyone at NIST and on the 9/11 Commission, refused to collapse!


Lee said...

Great comparsion! Truck bomb expodes OUTSIDE building. Airplane going hundreds of miles an hour crashes INSIDE building.

No wonder you are left here talking to yourself. Even your loyal supporters are gone. Although if you do hear from Shirley he/she/it is now KEVIN.

Lee said...

Oh, forgot to mention that once again these terrorists prove that they are not a figment of the imagination of the Bush administration.

Shoes4Industry said...

WTC7, Lee.

No plane. No truck bomb. No straight answers.

Lee said...

Twin Towers, Shoes - 3,000+dead by TERRORISTS

WTC7 building down - no one hurt or dead - who cares?

You've been give straight answers but you just REFUSE to believe

Anonymous said...