Monday, August 17, 2009



Anonymous said...

ROTFLMFAO!!! You dumbass.....

Kevin said...

hey shoes...i'm still around.

Anonymous said...

Hey I noticed the side bar 'cost of the war in Iraq.

I need a frame of refference. The Bail out doesn't count. lol How bout costs of obesity or unwanted children or abortion or drug use and care for prematre infants or STD's from promiscuity, Maybe costs of Illegal Immigrants. Some statistic on national crime or embezzlemnt.

Illegal immigrants have murdered more citizend since 9/11 than have died in Iraq.

I bet you are over paid. We all are cuz were capitolist pigs. lol Bet it adds up to trillions.

We spend alot on illegal drugs. Billions I hear.

But hey. Fightin enemies is a waste of lives and money. Better to believe it is just bloodlust and greed and have a clean concience. But make sure you denounce your own tribe first. They won't kill you and it just might impress the enemy just in case he wins.