Saturday, September 8, 2007

The REAL Reason Bush Doesn't Listen To Polls

Do you believe President Bush's actions justify impeachment?
* 524963 responses
Yes, between the secret spying, the deceptions leading to war and more, there is plenty to justify putting him on trial.
No, like any president, he has made a few missteps, but nothing approaching "high crimes and misdemeanors."
No, the man has done absolutely nothing wrong. Impeachment would just be a political lynching.
I don't know.


moneysmith said...

Hard to argue with 89%! And what would the argument be -- that he hasn't lied us into a war, never violated the Constitution and was not an accomplice in the 9/11 attacks? Ha! Good luck with that!!

H Nicole said...

Well, checked it out as best as I could -- that is, I at least made sure I couldn't vote more than once from the same computer -- the obvious.

I was around vote number 529,865 or some such thing and within seconds it shot above 530,000 and is climbing almost as fast as the "cost of the Irag war" counter you have up, Shoes!

This still doesn't mean some hackers out there have figured out some way to slant this computer-based voluntary poll, but I think MSNBC, along with similar critical web-based voting polls like, say, Dancing With the Stars (hey, gotta keep our priorities straight here, right Apolianne fans?) aren't right on top of this kind of stuff.

Good for MSNBC. Wow.

I love the little disclaimer they have explaining how their computer polls may not be accurate. Apparently, their biggest numbers came when they asked about Clinton's impeachment, and that was only about 200,000 votes.

moneysmith said...

Yup, Clinton looks like a choir boy compared to Bush and his henchmen. Of course, now we're going to hear from LB on how completely wrong and naive we are. Zzzzzzz...

LifeBeginsAt200MPH said...

Poll conducted this morning at "The Cafe". 8 Respondents

People from California are idiots 100%

We should have went to Baghdad in 91. 100%

Bush should be impeached. 0%

We should bomb the shit out of Iran. 100%

I own a gun. 100%

The US gov't used DEWs, bombs, thermite, CD, to bring down the towers. 0%

People that think the US gov't "did" 9/11 are morons. 100%

Polls mean NOTHING. They are skewed to the targeted responses the poll takers want. And "voluntary" polls are even more wrong and unscientific.


LifeBeginsAt200MPH said...

A little data about my 8 respondents.

Total acres farmed...15,000+

Total livestock owned...5,000+

Total in farm equipment...$10,000,000+

Total workers ...50+



Average age...50+


moneysmith said...

...zzzzzzz (somebody wake me up when there's a comment that deserves a reply).

H Nicole said...

Gawd, what is it with me? I think I actually have a soft spot for Life! Thanks, Life. That poll was very informative. It better damn well be accurate and not made up in any way because if true, it carries a lot of weight in my thinking of things.

I myself am the daughter of a 3rd generation potato farmer from Maine who "lost" the farm to foreclosure just before I was born. If you visit the site of my dad's farm now, there is a big department store and mini-mall there.

Same, same.

Peace Out.

H Nicole said...

The story behind this poll at MSNBC is pretty interesting. I have never really wandered the halls of MSNBC because it always seemed to me to be yet another "Go Bush, rah rah rah" site, but in their defense, here is an old story by Howard Fineman, contributing writer, that they've managed to dig up and are perhaps recycling it now to fend off the growing number of torch-bearing Truthers looking for somebody to hang over all this:

LifeBeginsAt200MPH said...

Ya' know hnic, I actually think there might be hope for you....except for the Drjudy/Osama infatuation. You are the ONLY person on here that actually shows any resemblance to reality and an open mind instead of the closed minded persona that fits the rest of these goombahs... can KMA....I've read all your blogs, and ya' know what?...I'm gonna' take your advice and live to be 100 just to be a pain in your'd last about 2 days out here in the real world by yourself. I doubt if you even know how to start a fire and skin a fish...let alone how to farm.

And can bet your patootie I don't lie. My poll is accurate beyond any poll you'll find anywhere else. I've lived on a farm, been to the big city, KCMO, Phoenix, LA, Denver, all of 'em...and you city wimps don't stand a chance...and I'm a big city DJ who played to the GLBT crowd, the Harley ZZ Top, Grank Funk, Sylvester, Crowd, and more than you can imagine. I've castrated over 200 hogs in one day, wrote machine language for IBM mainframes, and done more than people like you will ever have a chance to do...and ya' know what? I'm still the most open minded person you'll EVER meet...and that gives me the right to cut through the BullShit when I smell it.


H Nicole said...

Clueless here, citing old Bill Maher episodes on this blog last Friday evening when apparently he was about to have a real doozy of an episode with Mos Def, where 9/11 issues were discussed. I just found out today on Rosie's blog...

Posted by ro on September 9th at 11:57am

mos def on bill maher
with thanks

kathy writes:

I agree! Mos Def was brilliant and refreshing on Bill Maher. So was the professor. Inspiring. Time to get off our asses people!

MD on UTube:

ro writes:

thank u kath

Julie writes:

Luvd Mos Def on Friday night—U 2 are the only people I have ever heard speak about this on TV—-I was surprised that Bill “couldn’t go there” –why can’t we ask the questions and expect an answer?

ro writes:

i have re watched it
4 times


H Nicole said...

LOL. You forgot my love affair with Rosie, Life!

Peace Out.

LifeBeginsAt200MPH said...

I used to love Ro when she was on HBO in about 1979-81...she has now turned into a fat cow idiot who has more money that brains and has to have drugs for her "problems", instead of willpower. She is the perfect example of "blame someone else".

I'm serious as a heart attack...I really did like her a lot...but now I hate the cow....Kinda' like Roseanne... used to be funny and touch my heart, till they got famous and thought their hootchie didn't stink.

H Nicole said...

I have always had a curiosity about, and attraction to, women who draw such venom from men. I had the same feeling about Hillary Clinton a long time ago when the other Clinton first entered the White House.

I never thought twice about either Hillary or Rosie until they drew such "over the top" kind of venom. I mean even you, Life, who is obviously not one of the more civil to express a view here, seems to have really unleashed in a special way on Rosie.

There really is something to it, and I don't think the world going through a complete meltdown right now (I hope in more of a good way than a bad way, though that remains to be seen in the next few months) right when Clinton is on the verge of becoming the first female president of the United States, is a big coincidence in any way.

Anonymous said...

hnic....i'll give you my corvette if HRC is elected to cover that bet??????

dif computer...i have 5...that's why im anon

H Nicole said...

I never knew anything about this story until tonight, and I don't want anybody jumping down my throat just for courting the idea, but I think a BYU senior from Boise, Idaho, "accidentally" falling off a cliff to her death should be investigated for any connections to former BYU professor Steven Jones or even Idaho's Senator Larry Craig.

H Nicole said...

Every other major country in the world has had a female leader, even the Phillipines. Why is the US so far behind on this issue?

It's only a vagina, guys. It doesn't bite, last I checked.

Anonymous said...

geeezusss nic...where do u come up with this shit at? you're not stupid, but i really wonder about your naivety sometimes...come on girl....

Anonymous said...

yesss...they can me.......been there done it and seen it...and i have pics to prove it...../;}

Shoes4Industry said...

LB@200 - We fail to see what your resume has to do with IMPEACHMENT.
or the validity of this poll.

As far as "People from California are idiots-100%" let us remind you both your heroes Ronald Reagan and Charlton Heston are both from The Golden State...on second thought, it proves your point.

moneysmith said...

That's quite some resume you've got there, LB. I won't bother to post mine, since it will only make you feel even more insecure.

But I can tell you that you have failed to provide sufficient reason for me to KYA. In fact, you're not even lukewarm.

In the "real world" (that would be the one where people don't have cows in the backyard) it's well known that the reason people like you don't like accomplished, outspoken women (Rosie, Hillary, Roseanne, et al)is because they threaten you. All you pseudo-macho, "cocked 45s" are essentially insecure little boys who are terrified of educated, experienced, sophisticated women. Get over it -- we're not going away.

And guess what -- I was raised on a farm! Cows, horses, chickens, crops -- done it all. Plus, I even started a fire once!!

Anonymous said...

S4I, MS, BIOYA....figger that one out.

Real world? I'll take either one of you on in ANY contest you can imagine. Driving a tractor, programming a computer, driving a CART car 163MPH around Vegas Spdwy, Shooting a gun, wielding a hammer, ANY thing you want...bring it on sister.

HRC, Rosie, Roseanne, Oprah, and their ilk are nothing but media glorified ignorant, glorified cows. They thrive on , and their success is based on, simple minded buffoons like you who have nothing but your own failed dreams to rationalize their BS on.

Your comment about the "real world" where people don't have cows in their back yard only shows your own stupidity....and you claim you were born on a farm...BS....if you had one ounce of farmers blood in your veins you'd at least show 3% more brain than you show here.....

...and S4I...the only credit I'll give your is being a word twisting two faced CS. That's all I've ever seen you couldn't answer a straight hard question if your life depended on it....I got your number buddy boy...

Shoes4Industry said...

Again, with comments like that, no rebuttal is necessary.

Moving on...

moneysmith said...

OMG, anon, that's the most pathetic response yet -- hit a nerve, huh?

Shirley Heezgay said...

"...she has now turned into a fat cow idiot who has more money that brains and has to have drugs for her "problems", instead of willpower."

Drugs over willpower. Have you ever experienced Clinical Depression or Anxiety Disorder?

How dare you imply that Depression can be cured with just some "happy thoughts and strength."

There are some aspects of Anxiety and Depression that can be overcome with Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, but you have so crossed a line and you have truly shown all of us who you really are.

You're talking real world??? Farm vs.'re blindingly oblivious to the real world.

The fact that you've "done more than you will get the chance to do" doesn't really sell anyone on you being an expert on anything.

You've only shown that you're really just an ass most of the time who probably has an Oedipus Complex that contributes to your hysterical misogyny and hate speech.


H Nicole said...

There you are, Shirley. I was worried we'd lost you.

Other than the post about vaginas actually biting, with pictures to back it up, I'm almost sorry I fanned the flames here!

Holy Toledo, Batman. What a thread tonight.

Or I guess I should stay on topic and say Holy Backyard Cow, Batwoman.

H Nicole said...

In honor of Shirley's comments, I just want to point out that in the Philippines (can't believe I misspelled this so badly above), where having a female leader doesn't seem to be such a big deal to them, they are also infinitely less repressed about homosexuality or homosexual tendencies in heterosexuals, and the whole Larry Craig thing would have been a complete non-issue.

I think the two are related.

H Nicole said...

Has anybody seen Dick Cheney out in public lately?

Just a fantasy I was having that maybe he is already under house arrest.

H Nicole said...

Here is an article of interest on Larry Craig and the real driving force behind gay-bashing in the GOP:

Here is an excerpt:

"The whole gay-bashing GOP strategy started in the early 1980s with the National Conservative Political Action Committee (NCPAC), which funded attack ads against Democrats on such moral issues as “the homosexual movement,” as its director Terry Dolan called it. Dolan subsequently died of AIDS and his associate, Republican consultant Arthur Finkelstein, continued to run gay-bashing campaigns for Republicans until three years ago, when he took advantage of Massachusetts' new gay-marriage law and wed his partner."

All I am saying is that the self-loathing people who seem to provoke the most hatred toward homosexuals are the same ones who also lead the way in provoking hatred toward women and even toward minorities. same same

H Nicole said...

Live coverage online of Petraeus's report to Congress:

moneysmith said...

Three cheers apiece for Shirley and h nic!!! You nailed it!!

Now that you mention it, no Cheney sightings lately. And that is NOT a complaint! House arrest -- I would be delirious with joy if that happened -- and if GW was handcuffed to lard ass.

Also, just for the record, I was raised on a farm. And I don't appreciate being called a liar.

moneysmith said...

According to the Petraeus Puppet Show, the "surge" has made Anbar safe. Ha! Tell it to the four Marines who just died there. Not Bagdad, but in Anbar, the "safest" place in Iraq. The oldest was 26 years old.

H Nicole said...

I had to miss a lot of it today, but I saw one part where codepink was being disruptive. I don't know much about this group, but I became an instant fan. There was one guy in particular that cracked me up because he was all clean-cut and decked out in a nice suit and tie and was just sitting there completely non-disruptive, but he was wearing a very inconspicuous bright pink tiara or some such thing. LOL!

H Nicole said...

I must say, I am happy with the low-key tone we are getting on 9/11 today. Even David Letterman's appearance on Oprah seems to have been tame with no mention of Rosie nor 9/11, at least as far as I can tell from the article:

Gawd, I LOVE being wrong in this way!

H Nicole said...

I love how easy it is these days to knock off a high-ranking congressman and just have the news buried during a busy news week...

"The Virginia state medical examiner's office said in a report that Gillmor died from blunt head and neck trauma consistent with a fall down the stairs. Police assessed the scene and ruled out foul play. Gillmor's death was ruled an accident," the Web site reads.

H Nicole said...

Where is Columbo when you need him? Here is a more detailed story about Paul Gillmor's death...

This one smells to me, of course.

The word "accident" is mentioned in this article, including the title, a hair too many times, I think.

They know Gillmor fell backwards down some stairs, and yet they are sure it was an accident?


My favorite is the woman in charge of the autopsy, Dr. Constance DiAngelo, who was one of sixteen medical examiners in the DC area listed on a paper discussing the two first antrax deaths of postal workers back in October, 2001.

In one early paragraph of the Gillmor article, it is written:

“The blunt trauma to his head is what killed him,” Dr. DiAngelo said. “And the investigation points to — there is no foul play. It was an accidental death.”

In a later paragraph, after it is suggested they might carry out electrolyte testing (what's the hold up?), it is written:

Electrolyte testing would "make sure his glucose wasn’t elevated or he was in any way dehydrated or he has any damage to his kidney function" — any of which "could have led to circumstances of sudden death and falling backwards," Dr. DiAngelo said.

And yet another paragraph later it is written:

“Mr. Gillmor has [sic] very significant and severe heart disease,” she said. “With the naked eye, I’m not seeing what the lay public would call a heart attack.”

But she said the medical examiner’s office will do further microscopic analysis, explaining that frequently people have a cardiac arrhythmia — where the heart beats too fast, too slow, or irregularly — or a dysrhythmia.

“That’s classic cardiac death, and it leaves no sign,” she said.

Well, was it kidney failure or a heart irregularity or was it the blow to the head, as was already concluded by Dr. DiAngelo in the first paragraph, along with her certainty that it was an "accident"?

In yet another paragraph it is written:

"Dr. DiAngelo said Mr. Gillmor’s death certificate lists the date as Wednesday, the day on which he was pronounced dead. She said the medical examiner’s office tries to ascertain the time of death by the police investigation and by looking at when a person was last seen and when he entered his house."

You mean you estimate the time of death by what other people tell you the time of death was and not with an independent forensic analysis of rigor mortis, among other methods?


Well, I'm not claiming to be an expert in forensic pathology by a long shot, but I can't help but think that Columbo would just blow this one wide open!

LifeBeginsAt200MPH said...

"Good grief Charlie Brown"

Lee said...

Here's a poll for you. Question on CNN poll: After hearing Gen. Petraeus's report do you think there should be an accelerated withdrawal of troops?

51% yes
49% no

WOW!Just were is this big MAJORITY that thinks we need to leave before the job is done???

moneysmith said...

Last time I checked, 51% is a majority, lee. And that figure is likely to go up once more people see this story, in which Petraeus' boss and CENTCOM Chief Admiral William Fallon, described him as an "ass-kissing little chicken-shit."

That's just one link; it's all over the internets! He's just another one of Bush's incompetent cronies.

lLee said...

MS: Yes, I know it is a SLIGHT majority. But the way I read things here, one would think that the percentage would be MUCH higher now wouldn't you?

Do you really believe that Petraeus' boss would call him that?
WOW! It's all over the internet so it must be true! Do you really believe that Petraeus' boss really said that? Who put that out there, MoveOn? And you say conseratives are blind followers.

moneysmith said...

Yes, Admiral Fallon really said that. It's been in a number of news reports, on television, etc. Look it up, and see for yourself. Or do you only want to hear what Loofah Boy and Captain Oxycontin tell you?

Lee said...

MS: And who do you listen to besides MoveON?

When asked in a New York Times/CBS poll (& who are more liberal than those two) who they trust the most in Iraq, 21% chose Congress - 60% chose the military.

A few lines from a local newspaper:

"There is a long American tradition of savaging failed generals", wrote Michael Gerson of the Washington Post. "It is more novel to attack a successful one."

But if you can't refute the message, you can slime the messenger. Democrats accused Gen. Petraeus of being a shill for the Bush administration. The assult on the Generals' character and integrity began BEFORE he opened his mouth. (As everyone here's buddy Rosie would say - HMMMMMMMM!)

Democrats can't be held responsible for MoveOn's over-the-top rhetoric. Or can they? The week-end before Gen. Petraeus testified, the Web site Politico quoted a Dem senator as saying:"No one wants to call (Petraeus) a liar on national TV. The expectation is that outside groups will do this for us."

"One could not help but be struck by the contrast," wrote P. Wehner in National Review."Petraeus and Crocker in command, unflappable, professional, radiating competence and confidence, respectful but never allowing themselves to be intimidated. Many Dems., on the other hand appeared angry, agitated, long-winded and out of their depth."

Michael Goodwin (NY Daily News): "Their performance was so shockingly awful that I am inclined to believe charges that some Dems. actually hope we lose."
"Up to now, I've always viewedd such charges as rancid partianship that demonized legitimate differences. Now I'm not so sure."

Mr. Wehner: "We seem to be past the danger point, when members of Congress can recklessly undo what...the remarkable men and women of our armed forces have achieved." "Now members of the House and Senate are simply left to posture, rage against the wind and passionately insist, against a growing body of evidence, that a war that might be won is hopelessly lost."

Note that none of this information was gathered from Fox News. Disappointed?