Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Fahrenheit 9/11 - Part II

Michael Moore is making a sequel to "Fahrenheit 9/11" for Paramount Vantage and Overture Films, who will shop the project to international buyers when the Cannes Film Festival and market get under way today.

Sequel will pick up where "Fahrenheit" left off. In the time since, President Bush's popularity has plummeted, while the Iraq war continues and the economy falters.

All in all, Moore has made three of the top five grossing documentaries of all time. "Fahrenheit" is the highest grossing docu ever domestically, earning $119.1 million. It grossed another $100 million at the international box office.


Lee said...

So, Moron Michael is at it again...

From Michael Moore Exposed:

The man who preaches the evils of capitalism
- is a multi-millionaire
- sends child to private school
- owns million dollar property in Michigan
- speaking tour fees: Utah Valley State College $40,000. Xavier-$25,000.00. U. of New Mexico $35,000.00

Ah, the joy of capitalism

"A consistent theme can be found throughout his work and that is a theme of deception any time it can be used. Moore fixes upon a conclusion & when the data does not exist, he simply invents it."

"In Bowling For Columbine, Moore altered history, misled his viewers and edited the footage and audio in such a way as to reverse the meaning."

Many conseratives denounce his as a leftist, when in fact, the serious left, The Thinking Left, generally find him appalling.

Moore is unquestionably popular. Is this a clue to an interesting but dangerious cultural/emotional development?

If you'd like to read more about Moore check out MM Exposed.

Shirley Heezgay! said...

i have mixed feelings about mr. moore.

i don't agree at all with his manipulation of his films, convenient editing and so on, but at least he does it in a way to make his point.

i think mr. moore preaching about the evils of capitalism is specifically targeted at the men (and woman) who are EVIL CAPITALISTS.

There's nothing wrong with sending your kids to a good school, owning land and making a living.

isn't that what the american constitution is about?

michael moore might be a tricky man, but he's not evil.

Lee said...

Problem is too many see his manipulation, convenient editing and so on and actually believe it. It is not the total truth.

No, there is nothing wrong with making a good living and reaping the benefits but there are some dummies out there that can't tell the difference between that and the evil capitalists, especially after seeing his movies. They think anyone who has anything is evil (even though they would love that lifestyle themselves). It is class envy. Maybe, it doesn't exist in Canada but it is THRIVING in this country. It doesn't matter how hard someone has worked to get what they have. The cry is "if you have it I should have it too", regardless of whether I've worked for it or not.

I didn't say MM was evil but his "tricks" aren't funny and too many of his audience take them for face value.

Shoes4Industry said...

Problem is too many see his manipulation, convenient editing and so on and actually believe it. It is not the total truth.

HMMMM what administration does that sound like.....

Lee said...

HMMMMMMMM and funny that you would not believe this administration but buy lock, stock and barrell into what Moron Mike spews

Shoes4Industry said...


Lee said...

When you have nothing substantial to say pick up on a typo error - par for the kourse!