Friday, August 24, 2007

Tonight's Bedtime Story

Once upon a time, we believed in fairy tales. But this is pushing it...
(h/t to "Jack Straw" for the earlier link to this piece)


LifeBeginsAt200MPH said...

Do you think you might come up with some new stuff someday? This is over 4 years old. I've had it bookmarked for years.

If you actually came up with something "new" to look at, my interest might be peaked a bit. But all I've seen on here regarding 9/11 is old hat.

Where's the amateur astronomer picture of the Super Secret Death Ray satellite firing it's beam weapon?

Where's the "secretary" that saw strange men planting explosives on every other floor of the WTC's?

Where are the airplanes that never hit the buildings? Where are all the "dead" people on them?

Where's the intercepted cell phone call from GWB to Cheney telling the USAF to Stand Down?

Come on Shoes.....I'm getting disappointed in ya' bud...

stayhungry said...

"The tower fell in a time almost identical to that of a free-falling object, dropped from that height, meaning that it's physically impossible for it to have collapsed by the method of the top floors smashing through the lower floors. But according to the conspiracy theorists, the laws of gravity were temporarily suspended on the morning of Sept 11. It appears that the evil psychic power of those dreadful Arabs knew no bounds. Even after they were dead, they were able, by the power of their evil spirits, to force down the tower at a speed physically impossible under the laws of gravity, had it been meeting any resistance from fireproofed steel structures originally designed to resist many tons of hurricane force wind as well as the impact of a Boeing passenger jet straying off course."

Oopsies, another hole in the "story" -- not to mention all the other issues, like the "suicide bomber" who checked his luggage that just happened to have all the names and plans inside the suitcase. Coinky-dink?

H Nicole said...

This was new to me, Shoes. Thanks!

I knew the name Holmgren but never read him before. This guy is pretty funny.

My heart goes out to Holmgren though. I can't imagine nailing it so early the way he did, being so outspoken about it and even calling for impeachment, then having to sit back and watch as the country actually voted the entire band of murderous thugs back into office in 2004 (or so it is claimed they were voted in).

The most frightening thought to me is what if a vast majority of the population IS aware of what is going on and want Bush/Cheney impeached, but things have gotten so out of control with Congress and the media that even the opinions of a vast majority of the population have been rendered politically mute.

Shirley Heezgay said...

I have to say, when I started reading this piece, I thought, *f* you! But, then I quickly thought, I wish I wrote this.

THESE are the questions! The gov't asked us to belive that Lee Harvey Oswald was responsible for JFK's assination. The same gov't is asking us to accept/believe/TRUST that this is what happened.

Anyone that ever travelled on a plane BEFORE 9/11 will tell you that a BOXCUTTER would not likely be permitted on a plane.

Is that just my experience? I guess I'm a "conspiracy theorist."

moneysmith said...

Got to love the irony! The "official story" is nothing but a conspiracy theory -- a ludicrous narrative filled with gaping holes. "They hate us for our freedoms" -- yeah, right.