Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Shirley Heezgay said...

Manhattan Demolition.


H Nicole said...

Excellent, as usual, Shoes!

This is hands down the best overall web site going for getting to the bottom of All Truth, not just 9/11 Truth.

Whoever is filming this appears to be located North of the WTC complex.

At time marker 6:19 on this video you can hear something flying into WTC2. At an appropriate 6 or 7 seconds later, at time marker 6:27, you can hear debris from the collision hitting the ground.

At time marker 7:10 (the video camera had been turned off just prior to this and turned on again to catch this footage, which is not unusual, but should nevertheless be noted here because now we do not have an absolute time marker for when the footage was taken), you can see something that looks like a piece of a plane sitting in the street directly north of WTC2.

Assuming it is a piece of a plane and assuming it was not planted there, this is a piece of plane that apparently traveled right through WTC2, and it better damn well be in that "secret hangar" where all the evidence of 9/11 is stored.

There are also a lot of witnesses filmed there, any one of which might be able to verify that they saw whatever it was in the street come down directly from the north face of WTC2.

Is any of this mentioned or were any of these witnesses interviewed in the "official government" investigation?


Final note: watching some of the first casualties of 9/11 fall to their deaths in this video makes it extremely clear that the "mode of death" should not be public hanging for the government officials responsible for 9/11, including the current members of congress who are participating in acts of treason by supporting the perpetrators and assisting in the cover-up. The mode of death should be hitting the pavement after being forced to jump from somewhere 1000 feet above the ground.

H Nicole said...
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H Nicole said...
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H Nicole said...
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H Nicole said...

Okay, my reward for posting a lot of things on topic lately is that I get to post something off-topic now, especially since nobody is commenting on the on-topic stuff.

"No ruling on Spears' overnight visits"

First, I am glad Britney dumped her previous loser of an attorney and got a woman who looks like she knows what she is doing and (wishful thinking?) might even fight for parents' rights and children's rights instead of the right to a big fat paycheck.

So here's the deal with overnight visits: they offer the best chance at bonding between a parent and child, especially a young child, as you participate in all sorts of intimate bedtime routine stuff (baths, books, goodnight kisses, etc.) and also the intimate night time feedings/wakings, and also the intimate morning stuff. Even the busiest working parents have a great opportunity for this kind of important bonding.

Yet, at the same time, for somebody going after the money, like Federline and his court cronies, overnights also count for a lot of "physical time" with a parent, during most of which the child is asleep (i.e., a lot of money is at stake here, possibly in the hundreds of thousands of dollars in this case, since the amount of child support going to Federline is directly related to amount of physical time, or lack thereof, the kids have with their mom, especially when no overnights are ordered).

Denying overnight visits with either parent, especially when a young child is used to the overnights, is therefore probably the most cruel and abusive thing a "commissioner" can do toward the child, and to the parent-child bond in particular. At the same time, it is also the most blatantly crass and groundless thing a "commissioner" can order, i.e. -- the decision is usually based purely on money, as outlined above, and not on any real evidence that an overnight would put children "at risk" of anything.

In fact, the whole "at risk" argument makes no sense as you would think the child is even less "at risk" while safely asleep in a bed somewhere than out and about during the day with the "incompetent" parent.

Take note of the relatively trivial reasons the court has denied any overnight visits with Spears:

1) She shaved her head
2) She had a bad performance at the MTV awards
3) She went to a party without panties
4) She was observed to be drinking with friends while the children were with their father
5) While the children were not with her, she bumped a parked car in a parking lot while she was being chased by the media.
6) She missed one "random drug test," though has never failed any of the drug tests ever taken. Note that Federline, a known drug abuser who was probably Spears' enabler in this area, was not ordered the same thing.

Also note the disingenuous spin that "Commissioner" Gordon has put on things. Talk about a B-movie actor from Hollywood: he says he was "upset" that Spears was "not following" all of the several relatively trivial (compared with preserving the parent-child bond), overly restrictive orders he put into place, all of which, of course, feeds more money into the system, and all under the pretense that he is "protecting the children" when in fact, he knows full well he is participating in a well documented pattern and "game plan" of court ordered child abuse, parental harassment, and extortion of the worst kind, where the child is the ultimate target of the extortion. This is all fueled by a muti-billion dollar a year industry that put this "commissioner" into his position and will keep him there so long as he continues to pump money into the industry at the expense of children...

Okay, so a final note about "family court commissioners," such as the one on the Spears case, as well as the one on my case: commissioners have all the power of judges, but practically none of the oversight. They are appointed by the court, not by the people nor the governor, etc., with no oversight by anybody outside the court, and usually for purely political reasons.

For instance, in the San Francisco Unified Family Court, after gunning to get her life partner on the family court bench to serve along side her, the pro-active, openly lesbian presiding judge of the family court went on to appoint three pro-active, openly lesbian commissioners to serve under her, one of which is in charge of my case.

As much as I support gay rights, nepatism is nepatism, and it seems to be fueled by the current "commissioner" set up.

This is all made worse by the fact that family court commissioners can do just about anything they want, and it is almost impossible to remove them.

Any complaints against a commissioner do not go to the California Council on Judicial Performance, an independent body that offers judicial oversight, but complaints about commissioners must instead go directly to the judge who hired them, where the complaint more often than not comes to a complete dead end, of course, while the children of the parent who filed the complaint "mysteriously" proceed to get an extra special helping of court ordered child abuse, just in case anybody gets the idea to try this again in the future.

This is what has happened and continues to happen in my case, where well over a year after filing a complaint to the judge who hired the commissioner on my case (and only after the trigger-happy commissioner signed her second warrant for my arrest based on nothing but lies -- I swear commissioners are the Blackwater of the family court system!), and requesting that the commissioner be replaced by a judge "for the safety and well being of the children," our case is still under the "care" of this commissioner, and I am only up to three overnight visits a month with our 5 and 6yo.

I have been told by several lawyers, psychologists, parenting "experts", mediators, etc., that the reason for my current predicament is that I put in a formal complaint about this commissioner. In fact, I have received quite a few threats over the past year from our own court-ordered parenting counselor, the one who is good friends with the commissioner (at least according to the commissioner herself) and reports to her how counseling is going, that unless I take down my web site promoting family court reform

it might be a very long time before I have significant time with my children again.

After this threat disguised as a "suggestion" by our parenting counselor, I took down my site for six months and only recently put it back up as soon as I finally realized taking it down only seemed to make things worse with this angry commissioner.

Anyway, the official reason given for the current orders supposedly has nothing to do with my parenting abilities but instead is that the commissioner is "upset" at my "inability to follow court orders," and this puts the children "at risk."

Sound familiar?

However, unlike the Spears case, I haven't even broken any court orders to receive such punishment, including the two counts of felony child abduction and the 7 counts of contempt of court that were all filed against me by the children's father over the years and were all eventually dismissed once somebody finally bothered to read the actual court orders involved and realized that he was the one guilty of all these things, not me.

Anyway, I hope Britney and her new attorney, and Alec Baldwin and his attorney, all get together and just blow the lid off of this "family court" scam once and for all!

H Nicole said...

It's spotlight time again on the KKK cockroaches...

"Racist incident roils Pa. high school"

After watching footage of people falling to their deaths after an attack on this country by what may very well be KKK/neo-nazi driven ideals, anybody dare to ask, "What's the big deal?"

H Nicole said...

"Rash of noose incidents reported"

H Nicole said...

"Spears wins modified visitation rules"

As emotional as all this is for me, I am sincerely glad that Spears now has more time with her children than I have had with mine in a year and and half.

It all sort of makes my skin crawl how it happened though. This creepy commissioner wanted Spears to come to the courthouse and kiss his pathetic arse in person, and probably do it in such a way that fulfilled his little S&M fantasies about her...

"Spears testified during the hearing, a court representative said. 'Her voice was soft and respectful.'"

These courts are big on "soft and respectful." Makes you wonder how many children are being victimized by "soft and respectful" child molesters whom I am sure know this game very well, as does Federline and as does the children's father in my case.

And here is my favorite stock line used by all the slimeball commissioners...

"The commissioner criticized Spears for not complying with previous court orders, repeatedly saying that the current custody order taking her children away resulted from her own choices."

Yeah, right. He's got that one down. It's such a sick, disfunctional relationship the family court has with the people it is supposed to be serving -- first abuse the victim, then blame the victim. Sounds more to me like the commissioner was secretly hoping Spears would say, "Oh, Commissioner Gordon, I've been such a bad, bad girl. Do you want to spank me?"

Eww. Skin crawl overdrive!

H Nicole said...

Speaking of ignorant, KKK neo-nazis!

"Pope to S. Korea: No stem cell research"

H Nicole said...

"Gore, U.N. body win Nobel Peace Prize"

Damn. I better get on with my global warming studies!

This may shock many of you, but I'm not particularly impressed with the male-dominated Nobel committees and prizes. I know they try to be gender-neutral, and it's tough picking people, but mens is mens...

H Nicole said...

An Inconvenient Verdict for Al Gore

British Court Ruling on Errors in 'An Inconvenient Truth' Resurrects Global Warming Debate

LifeBeginsAt200MPH said...

Much like the UN, the Nobel has lost all credibility.

And there's no such thing as Global Warming...

What's the big deal?

Shoes4Industry said...

You're right! The scientist are WRONG...

LifeBeginsAt200MPH said...

It's called Climate Change.

Shoes4Industry said...

Man-Made Climate Change...

LifeBeginsAt200MPH said...

Actually, it that's big yellow thing up in the sky called The Sun.

Shoes4Industry said...

The topic of disinformation is a very complicated one. Essays, lengthy papers and whole treatises have been written on the subject. But the very length of most discussions overwhelms people, so that they never get an accurate picture of what disinformation looks like.

So I thought I'd take a crack at a very simple definition of disinformation, something that is short enough to read in two minutes.

Disinformation is:

* Repeating the same false claims over and over even when people have proven that such claims are contrary to the evidence (for example, there no such thing as Global Warming.)

* Spending more energy causing in-fighting and disruptions then helping to promote the truth, and causing dedicated activists to waste time rebutting obviously false claims and theories

* Unnecessarily alienating large sections of the population by attacking victims' families, certain religious or ethnic groups, or political parties with no reason

* Calling someone names instead of addressing that person's theories or claimed facts"

Sound familiar?

LifeBeginsAt200MPH said...

Nice little diatribe for the easily led conspiracy types who wish to obsfucate the truth and common sense.

Problem is that it has nothing to do with the Truth and Reality.

There is no such thing as GW. It's called Climate Change and it's been happening for about 4 billion years now.

Carbon Credits are a scam which do nothing except enrich the pockets of the already rich and take away from the masses thru higher taxes and more expensive goods.