Wednesday, October 10, 2007

New Rule: Bill Maher STILL A Putz!!!

"New rule: buildings do not collapse into the path of most resistance at anything close to freefall speed..."

And what about WTC7?


H Nicole said...

Wow. That looks like a real professional job! Kudos to the ones who did it. What a well needed boost for the entire Truth Movement today. Thanks, Shoes.

Haven't read a single Bill Maher transcript since the last "putz post" at this site. What a waste of time. I'm sure he just goes on and on now trying to be funny about how all the crazies have been contacting him, etc.

Don't get angry with me out there, but given the choice, I think I'd almost rather see Maher off the air right now than even BO.

H Nicole said...

"Hangman's noose found on NYC prof's door"

"You would think, Columbia being such a diverse campus and New York being such a diverse city, it shouldn't happen here," said student Mikayla Graham.

Didn't Martin Luther King, Jr., say something about preferring the racism in the South over the type found in the North. This is a complete misquote, I'm sure, but I think the gist was, "At least in the South, you know who your enemies are."

Anyway, always the one to want to put a positive spin and win the wishful thinker of the week award, I am going to go ahead and take this as a good sign that the KKK is finally starting to be called out of hiding with big spotlights on what used to be considered "so what's the big deal?" types of incidents in the past.

Is it just urban folklore or is it true that one of the best ways to get rid of cockroaches is to shine a big light on them?

LifeBeginsAt200MPH said...

Even though Bill is seldom right, he nailed this one...

H Nicole said...

You know, any article that begins, "A House panel defied President Bush on Wednesday..." is a great article.

It's just the icing on the cake when what is being "defied" is an official recognition of genocide when one sees it...

"Congressional panel OKs Armenian measure"

Quite appropriate considering the 2 women murdered in Iraq yesterday were Armenian...

"Funeral Held For Two Women Killed By Security Firm Guards In Iraq"

H Nicole said...

Bill nailed which one, Life, the noose?

I have given old man Maher a pass with somewhat racist comments and definitely derogatory anti-female comments in the past, but these latest ignoramus remarks about 9/11 from him really takes the cake.

My tolerance level for white supremacist attitudes and symptoms of BVS (biting vaginae syndrome) is now next to nil these days because 9/11 has put it all into one big "everything's related" boat for me.

Shoes4Industry said...

"Even though Bill is seldom right, he nailed this one..."

As did the responders!

H Nicole said...

I liked that there was a girl there with a guy. How refreshing to see a female truther putting it out there with the guys, especially telling Maher to, in effect, grow a brain (and a spine, I say) and go do the S4I cup and brick experiment!

H Nicole said...
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H Nicole said...

It always bothers me when I read things like this...

"The UNHCR says there are 2.2m internal refugees in Iraq, though the Iraqi government says there are half that."

Or this...

"In addition, the UNHCR estimates that 2.2m Iraqis have fled to neighbouring states, particularly Syria and Jordan, since the US-led invasion in 2003."

From: "Doors closing on Iraqi displaced"

It bothers me because I can never figure out from where these numbers of "live refugees" keep coming. That's an awful lot of people to keep track of and that's an awful big descrepency (1.1 million versus 2.2 million) between the UNHCR and the Iraqi government numbers for internally displaced persons.

I am just wondering how easy it would be for even a fraction of these "4.4 million total Iraqis," according to UNHCR (internally displaced + external refugees), to simply disappear all together without anybody knowing for sure what happened to them.

Anyway, more research for UNHCR in particular states:

"UNHCR’s statistics are generally based on annual statistic reporting provided by states. In countries where UNHCR is operationally active, statistics are often jointly established between the host government and UNHCR."

From the UNHCR publication: "Mearuring Protection by Numbers."

Okay, so for the 2.15 million Iraqis who supposely fled to Syria and Jordan in the below numbers provided by UNHCR:

Syria: 1,400,000
Jordan: 750,000
Gulf states: 200,000
Egypt: 100,000
Iran: 54,000
Lebanon: 40,000
Turkey: 10,000
Internally displaced: 2,250,000
Source: UNHCR

We are depending a lot on what Syria and Jordan tell UNHCR? Does this make anybody else as uncomfortable as I am at these statistics, especially considering these countries probably get some sort of money or support proportional to the number Iraqi refugess they report?

LifeBeginsAt200MPH said...

The UN has degenerated into an unorganized grabasstic piece of crap. When it first started and only had the 5 superpowers sitting on the Security Council, it actually go things done for the good of mankind.

It has since been taken over by the 3rd world losers, despots, and criminals and is a virtually worthless organization unless the superpowers are directly involved.

Shoes4Industry said...

Well Maher is still a putz, the government is covering up 9/11 crimes.

LifeBeginsAt200MPH said...

What crimes? Where's your proof? Other than hating GWB and spouting the same leftist progressive propaganda, you have nothing.

Shoes4Industry said...

"What crimes?!!" LOLROTFLMAO

Are you sure you're not really a stand-up comedian? Great material!