Friday, August 17, 2007

The Last Man Out - The Movie Trailer


H Nicole said...

Don't mean to be a spoilsport here, but there seem to be a lot of hard-core 9/11 truth seekers who think Rodriguez may be an op. I haven't figured out if it is jealousy or if there is some truth to it, nor have I figured out what the big plan is supposed to be if he is an op (i.e., is he supposedly planted to help promote Steven Jones' thermite/molten steel story with stories of explosions?)

For the record, I believe the eyewitness testimonies of hearing explosions. I just don't believe the explosions they heard are related to thermite, nor do I believe the explosions they heard are what really caused the buildings to turn to dust right before our eyes -- one floor at a time.

Rosie wrote to somebody with 9/11 questions on her blog today and told them to start with WTC7 because that was the easiest. I disagree. WTC7 is almost too easy, like some kind of traditional "controlled demolition" bait to distract from the horror of the real truth of how the towers were instead "demolished in a controlled fashion." WTC7 just happens to be the one that most closely resembles traditional CD because it started from the bottom up, as opposed to WTC1 and WTC2, because those went from the top down.

Watch either WTC1 or WTC2 very carefully, not WTC7 so much, and don't tell me each floor systematically turning to dust (as if some giant kid with a giant magnifying glass were frying the towers from the top down in his backyard) isn't the fishiest thing you've seen in a long time!

moneysmith said...

That's very interesting, h nic -- about Willie possibly being an op. But as you say, what's the point? I'd like to see the film, maybe that will help sort this all out.

H Nicole said...

It may have just been rumors, but I seem to recall a bunch of stuff concerning Willie's ties with Guiliani, plus the fact that this is not the first time he has been in the public light as a WTC hero -- I believe he had some heroic role in the 1993 WTC bombings as well, though it is odd that this is never mentioned, if this is true.

The one thing I do know for sure (because I just looked it up and had my memory jarred) is that he claims to have spotted one of the Arab hijackers in the WTC just weeks before the attack (and not just maybe -- it's more like, "I'm pretty sure it was him.") Well, hmmm.

The official cover-up story of "the towers 'collapsed' by thermite explosives, and the explosives were planted by the Arab hijackers" is beginning to take shape quite nicely, it seems.

I personally do not believe there were any Arab hijackers, just American ones flying the planes by remote control, and here is why:

Can you remember the last time a hijacker successfully hijacked an airliner? Why, just yesterday some hijackers tried in Turkey -- and were even reported to be al-Qaida, which cracks me up
-- but the plane mysteriously landed completely against the wishes of the hijackers, and the whole thing was (pretty mysteriously again) resolved peacefully:

In an earlier version of the same report (you have to PDF save these things because the stories are often updated and rewritten for the same link), there is a pretty telling last sentence to the report (which has since been omitted): "There have been several hijackings of Turkish airplanes in recent years despite increased security measures at the airports. In most cases, the hijackers surrendered and the passengers were safely evacuated."

Now why is this? Probably because the moment the (pretty clueless) hijackers try to hijack a plane these days, it is flown and even landed (yes, landed -- that's how good the technology has been for years now) 100% by remote control, or by what people vaguely know as "automatic pilot," though the technology has improved significantly since first introduced a couple decades ago.

Anyway, the point is everything is completely out of the hands of the pilots. Most would-be hijackers know this and don't even try, but every once in a while you get some who are apparently out of the loop.

So what happened on 9/11 again? For the first time in probably decades, a hijacker succeeded at having his own way with an American plane, but not just once -- four times -- and in American airspace?

Well, okay, in honor of Rosie's response to one of her bloggers recently: WAKE UP PEOPLE

H Nicole said...

Well, if nobody is going to talk, I am going to talk to myself here.

I finally got around to watching Part I, the religion part, of the movie Zeitgeist today ( Wow. That sure was an impressive expose on Christianity. Too bad it took so long to get to the meat of it.

The movie really started only at 7:45, when the first non-preachy words are finally spoken, and quite appropriately by George Carlin delivering a two minute monologue on religion.

Part I only starts after this at 9:45.

The long 7+ minute opening sequence of ominous war and nature images with "doom" music playing most of the time, followed by a pontificating speech on what we are supposed to believe (before any evidence is even presented) got to be a bit much for me. I almost wish somebody would just cut that entire part out and open with George Carlin!

Of course, I also wish part II were completely redone with a lot more of Dr. Judy Wood's DEW/dustification story and a lot less of the Jones' thermite/molten steel story (what I am calling the official cover up story). I fear the entire movie may go down in flames, along with a lot of great info, if and when Jones and his thermite story is ever revealed as fraudulent.

We'll see. A highly recommended movie either way.

LifeBeginsAt200MPH said...

Thermite does not explode dear.

Shoes4Industry said...

And looks like (after the Deustche Bank fire) fire doesn't melt steel!

H Nicole said...

Well, technically the thermite/thermate reaction can explode pretty dramatically when carried out at cold temps, such as seen in this demonstration where the reaction is droppped on ice:

However, I did not say that thermite explodes anyway. I said this is going to be the official government story, and since when has something as trivial as "the facts" gotten in the way of an official government story?

Here is one official web site on the thermite story that is choc-full of BS and which I believe somebody on this site may have recommended a while ago as having good arguments:

As an example of the misinformation machine in action, notice they are very careful not to say thermite explodes, yet they make a casual link between thermite and "reports of explosions" in the WTC buildings so that the casual connection is made anyway. Here is an except from another page referring to the above page:

"The What Really Happened website created a page giving more proof that thermite was used and how it runs parallel with eyewitness reports of explosions and pieces being sheered off the towers."

H Nicole said...

Here is another thermite on ice explosion:

Being written and edited mostly by the general public, Wikipedia is not always the most accurate source for information that is anything other than very basic and non-arguable, i.e., all my repeated attempts to have Dr. Judy Wood and her evidence of dustification and theories of directed energy weapons included on the "9/11 Truth Movement" Wikipedia page have been either deleted or reworded to present a negative slant toward her -- and all my attempts to at least include her on the (all-male -- sorry, just had to get that dig in there) list of "Prominent Members of the 9/11 Truth Movement" have also been blocked. As far as trying to cite her web site anywhere on Wikipedia and have it remain up without being deleted by somebody else -- good luck!

Anyway, that said (and keeping the source in mind) there is apparently another way thermite can explode according to Wikipedia, under the topic heading of "Ignition" on the thermite page:

"It is possible to start the reaction using a propane torch if done correctly. The torch can preheat the entire pile of thermite which will make it explode instead of burning slowly when it finally reaches ignition temperature."

My official stance on thermite and 9/11 is therefore as follows:

Under certain conditions, thermite can explode. Whether these conditions are practical or applicable in any way to what happened to the WTC towers on 9/11 needs further investigation.